• Finished 16th at 2008 Olympic Games
  • Canada’s first Greco-Roman wrestler since the 1996 Olympic Games
  • 2007 Pan Am Games bronze medallist


  • In 1992, he was named to the Olympic team, but agreed to a wrestle-off which he lost, and was left home; months later, he was diagnosed with osteophytes (bone spurs) and a narrowing of the spinal canal in his neck – he quit the sport and went to law school
  • In 2000, he was diagnosed with chronic fatique syndrome and had to quit his job as an associate lawyer at a law firm, but while being treated, he was re-examined and informed that his spinal injury had been misdiagnosed, and after a 10-year absence, he made his comeback, winning the 2004 Canadian Olympic qualifying trials, but this time, he didn’t have enough international matches and stayed home again