Fares Arfa pumps his fist in celebration Candice Ward/COC
Candice Ward/COC

Fares Arfa


Fares Arfa has represented Team Canada at two editions of the Pan American Games. At Santiago 2023, he was part of Canada’s gold medal in men’s team sabre and won bronze in men’s individual sabre. That followed a silver medal in the men’s team sabre event at Lima 2019.

In 2014, Arfa became the Pan American Junior Champion in men’s individual sabre. That year he also debuted on the senior international scene, competing at the FIE World Championships and Pan American Championships. Since then, he has competed at seven editions of the senior FIE World Championships, posting a top individual result of 16th place in 2022. Arfa has won five straight silver medals with the men’s sabre team at the Pan American Championships (2017-19, 2022-23).  

A Little More About Fares

Getting into the Sport: At age 12 he wanted a sport to participate in during the winter months but didn’t want to play hockey like his brothers; after seeing video of fencing at the Olympics he asked his mom to let him try it; he had also watched Lord of the Rings and liked the idea of sword fighting; he learned to appreciate the mental and strategic side of the sport as he developed as a fencer… Outside Interests: Attended Ohio State University where he studied pre-law political science but then decided to change fields and studied finance at HEC Montreal… After graduation began working at RBC in wealth management… Odds and Ends: Moved to Canada from Algeria with his family at age three…

Notable International Results

Pan American Games: 2023 - GOLD (team sabre), BRONZE (sabre); 2019 – SILVER (team sabre)

FIE World Championships: 2023 – 55th (sabre), 11th (team sabre); 2022 – 16th (sabre), 13th (team sabre); 2019 – 61st (sabre), 16th (team sabre); 2018 – 43rd (sabre), 10th (team sabre); 2017 – 92nd (sabre), 14th (team sabre); 2015 – 74th (sabre), 13th (team sabre); 2014 – 81st (sabre), 17th (team sabre)

Pan American Championships: 2023 – SILVER (team sabre), 6th (sabre); 2022 – SILVER (team sabre), 5th (sabre); 2019 – SILVER (team sabre), 6th (sabre); 2018 – SILVER (team sabre), 17th (sabre); 2017 – SILVER (team sabre), 12th (sabre); 2016 – 9th (sabre), 4th (team sabre); 2014 – SILVER (team sabre), 7th (sabre)