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Rowan Hardy-Kavanagh


• Won C-2 200m bronze with Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent at the 2017 U23 World Championships, in just her second year competing in canoeing
• Was a member of the Canadian World Cup team in 2017 and 2018
• Won three medals in three races at the 2018 Pan American Championships
• 2018 Canadian champion in C-2 500m with Courtney Spratt


Getting into the Sport: Started paddling at age 10, but switched from kayak to canoe when she was 20 after developing bursitis from sitting in her kayak seat… Introduced to paddling by her mentor, two-sport Olympian Sue Holloway, who had coached her in cross-country skiing…

Notable International Results

ICF U23 World Championships: 2017 – BRONZE (C-2 200m)

Pan American Championships: 2018 – SILVER (C-1 1000m), SILVER (C-2 1000m), BRONZE (C-2 200m)