In Canada #WeAreWinter. Watch and share this video and the #WeAreWinter film series to support our athletes as they don the Team Canada uniform at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and go for gold.

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) proudly presents its “We Are Winter” campaign, its most integrated, digitally enabled and largest brand undertaking in its history. The national video debut of “We Are Winter,” entitled Crossroads featuring Sochi medal hopefuls Kaillie Humphries, Mark McMorris and Mikaël Kingsbury, aired nationally during CBC’s coverage of the 2014 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic® on January 1 on CBC-TV and online at cbcsports.ca. Broadcast coverage began at 12:30 p.m. ET. Four-time Olympian and Lillehammer 1994 Olympic gold medallist, Jean-Luc Brassard, and Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic gold medallist, Steve Yzerman contributed to voice-overs.

The new campaign amassed more than 100 hours of video footage and was planned, shot and edited over a 16-month period. Canadians will recognize some of Canada’s most natural backdrops, as scenes from the Canadian Rockies, the Prairies and settings in the province of Quebec are all highlighted in the campaign. “We Are Winter” features two :60-second and four :30-second TV spots and one :15-second spot all in French and English.

“The Olympics to me, is the pinnacle of success and being able to share that journey with Canadians across the country is an incredible honour,” said Kaillie Humphries, Vancouver 2010 Olympic gold medallist. “To have the opportunity to compete against the world’s best and become a back-to-back champion that’s the dream I’m chasing.”

“As a nation, we gained a tremendous amount of momentum from the Vancouver Games. Canadians and our athletes were reminded that we are a strong and confident country,” added Denny Morrison, two-time Olympian and two-time Olympic medallist. “It was an honour being asked to take part in this campaign, and it is such a cool feeling to be amongst so many other athletes who have an inherent drive to win.”

“It was important for me to be a part of this great project because I remember how inspired I was as a young boy watching so many great Canadian Olympians compete, added Charles Hamelin, two-time Olympian and three-time Olympic medallist. “The more young kids get to know us as people and athletes, the more human we become. Spreading the power of sport and uniting all Canadians is truly what this is all about.”

“This is truly an original campaign for the Canadian Olympic Team,” said Christopher Overholt, CEO and Secretary General, Canadian Olympic Committee. “The idea that our Canadian athletes will be better able to connect with fans and Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast in advance of the Sochi Games, is something that we are extremely excited about.”

Shot on location in Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City and Whistler, “We Are Winter” depicts the high-performance training regimens of Canadian athletes through the lens of critically-acclaimed Canadian director and producer, Henry Lu. The campaign also features dramatic stills of Sochi-bound athletes, captured by top Canadian photographer Chris Gordaneer from Westside Studios.

“The essence of this campaign originated from conversations with our athletes who all said the same thing: Winter defines them and defines who we are as a country,” said Derek Kent, Chief Marketing Officer, Canadian Olympic Committee. “We wanted to inspire Canadians by showcasing the drive, determination and grit of our athletes as they train for the Olympic Games. We wanted Canadians to really get to know our athletes and their remarkably inspiring stories. We are proud of what we have built and that we are putting a brighter spotlight on our national sporting heroes.”

In total, the campaign will show 17 of Canada’s athletes promoting 10 Olympic sports and includes seven inspiring athlete documentaries. In addition to airing the national TV debut, CBC is also the exclusive broadcaster of the :60 spot entitled MANIFESTO, voiced by Yzerman, who is also a former Detroit Red Wing Captain and current Executive Director of Canada's Men's Hockey Team.

"As the Official Broadcaster for Sochi 2014, we are delighted to be working closely with the Canadian Olympic Committee in building excitement prior to the start of the Games," said Bridget Hoffer, Executive Director Communications, Marketing and Brand, CBC. "We have been introducing Canadians to the athletes in the last few months and now the countdown is on to cheer loudly for them." <p..Twitter: Official Social Media Partner of the Canadian Olympic Team.

On social media, the #WeAreWinter / #NousSommeslHiver hashtags mean the campaign is a true ‘conversation’ – an inclusion opportunity for anyone who wants to play a part - which is why the COC and Twitter have joined forces, making Twitter the official and exclusive Social Media Partner of the Canadian Olympic Team.

This first ever COC social media partnership will offer opportunities to Canadian Olympic Team partners to promote Canadian Olympic tweets (from approved athlete handles and official Team handles: @CDNOlympicTeam and @OlympiqueCanada). This unprecedented partnership provides a unique opportunity to proudly share our brand campaign content with Twitter followers across the country.

Canadians will also be able to experience the campaign on the recently re-launched olympic.ca and French language olympique.ca websites, both of which are now mobile friendly. The sites include dedicated campaign pages (Olympic.ca/WeAreWinter and Olympique.ca/NousSommeslHiver), where fans and media can find all broadcast spots, seven short documentaries, and downloadable wallpapers and social media covers of campaign athletes.

The 17 athletes featured in “WE ARE WINTER” include:

Kaillie Humphries & Chelsea Valois, Bobsleigh (Calgary, AB & Zenon Park , SK);

Denny Morrison, Long Track Speed Skating (Fort St. John, BC);

Mark McMorris, Snowboard - Slopestyle (Regina, SK);

Mikaël Kingsbury, Freestyle Skiing – Moguls ( Deux-Montagnes, QC);

Roz Groenewoud, Freestyle Skiing – Halfpipe (Calgary, AB);

Charles Hamelin, Short Track Speed Skating (Sainte-Julie, QC);

François Hamelin, Short Track Speed Skating (Sainte-Julie, QC);

Alex Bilodeau, Freestyle Skiing – Moguls (Rosemère, QC);

Justine Dufour-Lapointe, Freestyle Skiing – Moguls (Montreal, QC);

Marianne St-Gelais, Short Track Speed Skating (Saint-Félicien, QC);

Sarah Reid, Skeleton (Calgary, AB);

Noah Bowman, Freestyle Skiing – Halfpipe (Calgary, AB);

Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford, Figure Skating (Lively, ON & Balmertown, ON);

Alex Gough, Luge (Calgary, AB); and

Meaghan Mikkelson, Ice Hockey (St. Albert, AB).

The COC would like to thank the following media partners for ongoing support of “We Are Winter”: CBC, The Globe and Mail, Bell Media, Rogers, MLSE, Airtime Media, Cineplex Entertainment, Quebecor Media, Sun Media, NewAd, Cieslok Media, Twitter, AOL & Juice Mobile.

Proximity Canada, based in Toronto, produced this campaign and OMD Canada was responsible for its media planning and buying. North Strategic managed the PR.

COC Client Side: Derek Kent – Chief Marketing Officer Todd Denis – Director, Brand Connections Kim Astley – Senior Manager, Brand and Marketing Partnerships Dana Tomiczek – Program Manager, Partnerships and Brand Activation

Proximity Canada: Creative: Josh Stein Creative Director + Art Direction Lins Ricon, Senior Writer Eric Cicero, Art Director Jon Finkelstein SVP, Executive Creative Director

Account: Mark Christie, Account Director Mike Spilchuk, Account Executive Ricky Jacobs, VP, Managing Director

Production: Jessica Valentini, Content Producer Kristie Filippopoulos, Senior Project Manager

Strategy: Sonia Carreno, Director of Strategy Jesse Gilbert, Digital Strategist

BBDO Toronto: Creative: Michael Clowater, VP, Associate Creative Director

SGL Studios: John Silva, SVP, Managing Director Jano Krijian, Re-touching Kay Izzard, Print Producer Anthea Helot, Art Production Manager Aileen Seko, Senior Production Artist Shahid Qureshi, Pre-media Specialist Blair Duncan, Variable Data Manager

Nolin BBDO: Stephanie Brillon – copywriter Mylene Chicoine – project manager and producer Geneviève Clément – Group Director

TV & Documentary Series Sochi 2014 Creative Director: Henry Lu, Stuart Campbell, Stephen Sora Director: Henry Lu Production Company: Soft Citizen Executive Producer: Eva Preger + Link York Head of Production: Rob Burns Head of Sales: Ashley Monaghan Line Producer: Nicholas Sorbara Director of Photography: Chris Mably Director of Photography: Luca Fantini Second Unit Photography: Kris Belchevski Second Unit Photography: Vinit Borrison Second Unit Photography: Stuart Campbell Second Unit Photography: Omar Lundie Editor: Stephen Sora, Posterboy Editor: Danica Pardo, Posterboy Editor: Raj Rammnauth, Posterboy Editor: Redrik Barbaza, Posterboy Editor: James Arthurs, Posterboy Executive Producer Editorial: Michelle Lee, Posterboy Transfer + Online: Tricia Hagorieles, Steve McGregor – Alter-Ego Transfer: Andrew Exworth, Red Lab + Soho Sound Design, Mixing + Licensing: Grayson Matthews Colour: Eric Whipp, Alter-Ego VFX Artist: Andres Kirejew VFX Artist: Darren Achim VFX assistant: Michelle Demelo VFX assistant: Gillian Blekkenhorst Producer: Jane Garrah Executive Producer: Greg Edgar

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Grayson Matthews: Music Supervision: Grayson Matthews Original Music: Grayson Matthews Sound Design: Grayson Matthews Voice Casting & Direction: Grayson Matthews Mixed at Grayson Matthews Studios, Toronto, Canada

Leonard Cohen ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’: Leonard Cohen, writer and recited, ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’ Sourced, Radio Station KCRW 89.9

Poetry Consulting: Marc Plamondon, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of English Studies, Nipissing University, General Editor, Representative Poetry Online

VO Talent: Leonard Cohen – English Special Edition Voice Over talent Mark Jordan – English Voice Over talent Paul Dion – French Voice Over talent Steve Yzerman – English Special Edition voice over talent Jean-Luc Brassard - French Special Edition voice over talent

OMD: Cathy Collier, CEO, Canada Trevor Walker, Director, Trading and Accountability Jammie Ogle, Group Director, Strategy Marina Matyash, Associate Director, Strategy

Media Partners: CBC The Globe and Mail Bell Media Rogers MLSE Cineplex Entertainment Airtime Media Quebecor Media Sun Media New Ad Cieslok Media Twitter AOL Juice Mobile

Poems: IN THE WINTER WOODS – Kaillie Humphries Print and ENG TV Frederick George Scott

With a meaning, strange and deep, As of visions seen in sleep. Something in my inmost thinking Tells me I am one with you,

IN THE WINTER WOODS – Meagan Duhamel / Eric Radford Print Frederick George Scott

For a subtle bond is linking Nature’s offspring through and through, And your spirit like a flood Stirs the pulses of my blood.

WINTER UPLANDS – Mark McMorris Print and ENG TV Archibald Lampman

The frost that stings like fire upon my cheek, The loneliness of this forsaken ground, The long white drift upon whose powdered peak I sit in the great silence as one bound.

UNTO THE HILLS – Roz Groenewoud Print Arthur S. Bourinot

These hills are in my blood and in my life and ever will be ever have been since early days remote, when, in the flood of youth, I walked, climbed, loved them, pitched my tent upon the height, watching the moon at night peer through the entrance.

THE SKATER – Meaghan Mikkelson Print Charles G.D. Roberts

My glad feet shod with the glittering steel I was the god of the wingèd heel. The hills in the far white sky were lost; The world lay still in the wide white frost;

THE SKATER – Denny Morrison Print Charles G.D. Roberts

Here was a pathway, smooth like glass, Where I and the wandering wind might pass To the far-off palaces, drifted deep, Where Winter's retinue rests in sleep. I followed the lure, I fled like a bird, Till the startled hollows awoke and heard A spinning whisper, a sibilant twang, As the stroke of the steel on the tense ice rang; And the wandering wind was left behind As faster, faster I followed my mind;

WINTER IN CANADA – Sarah Reid Print Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon

You glide o’er the snow with lightning speed, Whilst from harness, decked with silvery bells, sweet showers the sound on the clear air swells; And the keen bracing breeze, with vigor rife, Sends quick through your veins warm streams of life.

CANADIAN SKI SONG – Mikael Kingbury ENG TV Arthur S. Bourinot

The heart beats fast untrammelled, free as clouds that race We climb and glide the uplands, found the heart’s desire. The rush of air around us, the wind against the face.

1000 KISSES DEEP – :60 Special Winter Classic Edition Crossroads TV Leonard Cohen

Don’t matter if the road is long. Don’t matter if it’s steep. Don’t matter if the moon is gone. And the darkness is complete. Don’t matter if we lose our way It’s written that we’ll meet. At least, that’s what I heard you say A thousand kisses deep I loved you when you opened. Like a lily to the heat. You see, I’m just another snowman. Standing in the rain and sleet. Who loved you with his frozen love. His second hand physique. With all he is and all he was. A thousand kisses deep.

THE WINTER SPIRIT - :60 “Crossroads” ENG William Douw Lighthall Beneath, his flying footsteps froze the ground; And with his garments’ rustling fell the snow; His lightest touch made icicles abound; His breath, as when the keenest north winds blow. He paused above the river, dull and gray, Turbid and chafing with a restless pain, And soon in icy quietness it lay, Bound, bank to bank, within his Arctic chain.

BLANCHEUR – Alex Bilodeau Print Alphonse Beauregard

Ceux-là dont le sang bout dans les veines, les forts, Devant la blancheur qui s'amasse Songent aux glissements rapides sur la glace, Aux rudes chasses dans le nord, Aux descentes vertigineuses dans les côtes. Pour eux l'hiver se fait le plus charmant des hôtes.

QUAND IL NEIGE SUR MON PAYS – Mark McMorris FRE TV Albert Lozeau (Québécois, décédé en 1924)

Quand il neige sur mon pays, C’est tout le ciel qui se disperse Sur la montagne et les toits gris Qu’il revêt de sa claire averse.

LES OISEAUX BLANCS – Mikael Kingsbury Print Francois-Xavier

Vous qui bravez le froid, bercés par les tempêtes, Venez tous les hivers voltiger sur mes pas.

PROMENADE DE TROIS MORTS – Mikael Kingsbury FRE TV Octave Crémazie (Québécois, décédé en 1879)

Je suis le maître ici. Mon haleine est glacée Comme le vent un jour d'hiver Toute force par moi demeure terrassée

LE BONHOMME HIVER – Charles Hamelin Print Louis-Honoré Fréchette

Au feu du soleil ou des girandoles, Emportée au vol de son patin clair, Mainte patineuse, en ses courses folles, Sylphe gracieux, fuit comme un éclair.

L’HIVER – Marianne St-Gelais Print François-Xavier Garneau

En quel autre climat la reine du silence Montre-t-elle plus de splendeur ? Que j'aime, ô Canada, la nuit, ta plaine immense Resplendissante de blancheur!

JANVIER – Justine Dufour Lapointe Print William Chapman

En vain le fouet du vent nous flagelle la face, Nos cœurs ont la chaleur des bords ensoleillés.

LES OISEAUX BLANCS – Kaillie Humphries FRE TV Francois-Xavier

Vous qui bravez le froid, bercés par les tempêtes, Venez tous les hivers voltiger sur mes pas.

BLANCHEUR - :60 “Crossroads” FRE TV Alphonse Beauregard Ceux-là dont le sang bout dans les veines, les forts, Devant la blancheur qui s'amasse Songent aux glissements rapides sur la glace, Aux rudes chasses dans le nord, Aux descentes vertigineuses dans les côtes. Pour eux l'hiver se fait le plus charmant des hôtes.

Kaillie Humphries Track: “Deadlines” Artist: Arkells Label: Dine Alone Hamilton, ON

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