The long-awated Rio2016 Olympic Games has now come to a close.

The Closing Ceremony is the final sign off from the Games and the introduction to the four years to come. Follow Team Canada as their Rio2016 journey closes in their Hudson’s Bay attire during the Closing Ceremony at Rio2016. Spoiler: watch out for some great Olympic moment tweets from @TeamCanada.

Getting ready to march

Team Canada athletes have gathered to go to the Closing Ceremony.

With the sistas for our last night together… closing ceremonies time #sistasista ✌✌✌

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Penny Oleksiak

Swimming sensation Penny Oleksiak was named flag bearer for Canada after a historic medal haul.

Team Canada

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Here we go. #closingceremonies #rio2016 #olympics #teamcanada🇨🇦

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Closing Ceremonies! The Olympics XXXI • • • #olympics #olympic #rio2016

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Way toooooo excited about marching into closing ceremonies!! #teamcanada #Rio2016

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Ok real talk closing ceremonies though with these gems. RIO 2016 YOU ROCK!!!

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The #RedCaribou at Closing Ceremonies! #Olympics #Canada🇨🇦 #Rio2016🇧🇷 #TeamCanada

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Walking into the closing ceremonies with the young bloods #TeamCanada #Rio2016 🍁🍁🍁💥

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Canada rocking it at the Closing Ceremonies! #rio2016

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#closingceremonies of the @rio2016 Olympic Games!!!! What an incredible month

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The Ceremony

#ClosingCeremonies #Rio2016 #teamcanada

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Pita Taufatofua of Tonga jumps on stage during the Closing of Rio 2016! #Olympics #closingceremony

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Medal ceremony of Men's marathon 👏 #KEN #ETH #USA #closingceremony

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Closing!!!! . . . #rio2016 #olympics #fun

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Athletes reflect

Closing ceremonies! Was amazing to be a part of the Rio 2016 Olympic games.

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