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Release: Final Sochi 2014 Canadian Olympic Team

January 29, 2014

INTRODUCING THE SOCHI 2014 CANADIAN OLYMPIC TEAM   Canada’s athletes set sights on contending for the number one spot in Sochi

TORONTO – The Sochi 2014 Canadian Olympic Team is now complete and ready to take on the world in Russia with 221 athletes – the largest team to ever represent Canada at a Olympic Winter Games. The Canadian Olympic team is comprised of six ski cross athletes, 27 speed skaters, 10 curlers, 16 bobsledders, eight lugers, four skeleton athletes, 21 women hockey players, eight biathletes, 24 snowboarders, 25 men hockey players, 15 alpine skiers, 17 figure skaters, 13 cross-country skiers, 20 freestyle skiers and seven ski jumpers. The Canadian team athletes are accompanied by 85 coaches. “The size of our team and its medal potential is a great tribute to our athletes, their coaches and the system Canada has in place to develop high performance Olympic athletes,” said Steve Podborski, Chef de Mission for the Sochi 2014 Canadian Olympic Team. “Our athletes are very talented and are the best-prepared team to ever represent Canada at the Winter Games. Our medal success in Vancouver has established a benchmark that all our athletes are eager to surpass.” “Since Vancouver 2010, we have committed ourselves to achieving even better results in Sochi,” said Marcel Aubut, President, Canadian Olympic Committee. “I am proud of athletes, our coaches and the leaders of our National Sport Federations – because of their hard work and dedication, Canada can proudly say that we are going to Sochi not only to compete, but to contend.” The Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games will take place from February 7-23, 2014. The Canadian Olympic Team has established a goal to contend to be the top nation in the overall medal standings. In 2010, Canada won 14 gold medals, seven silver and five bronze at the Vancouver Games. Sochi 2014 Canadian Olympic Team statistics and facts: Oldest / youngest athlete Females (also overall):

  • Curling – Jennifer Jones – Athlete Female 07-Jul-74 – Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Figure Skating – Gabrielle Daleman – Athlete Female 13-Jan-98 – Newmarket, Ontario


  • Luge – Mitchel Malyk – Athlete Male – 07-Oct-95 – Calgary, Alberta
  • Bobsleigh – Lascelles Brown – Athlete Male – 12-Oct-74 – Calgary, Alberta

Provincial breakdown of athletes

Province # %
Ontario 64 29%
Alberta 56 25%
Quebec 43 19%
British Columbia 27 12%
Saskatchewan 14 6%
Manitoba 10 5%
Northwest Territories 2 1%
Nova Scotia 2 1%
Newfoundland 1 0%
Prince Edward Island 1 0%
Yukon 1 0%

Some historical athlete team size, recent Games Vancouver 2010 114 males            88 females          202 total Turin 2006 110 males            86 females          196 total Salt Lake 2002 96 males              61 females          157 total Nagano 1998 89 males              65 females          154 total Lillehammer 1994 73 males              31 females          104 total Male/female

 Athletes Male Female Total
Alpine Skiing 9 6 15
Biathlon 4 4 8
Bobsleigh 12 4 16
Cross Country Skiing 6 7 13
Curling 5 5 10
Figure Skating 9 8 17
Freestyle Skiing 10 10 20
Ice Hockey 25 21 46
Luge 5 3 8
Skeleton 2 2 4
Ski Cross 3 3 6
Ski Jumping 4 3 7
Snowboard 14 10 24
Speed Skating – LT 8 9 17
Speed Skating – ST 5 5 10
TOTAL 121 100 221
55% 45%

Events entered (out of total) 93* / 98 total medal events *Subject to change – Alpine Skiing, Cross Country, Biathlon and Ski Jumping will finalise the events they compete in at their technical meeting Sport entered (out of total) All sports, except Nordic Combined CDN Representation in new events Canada will be represented in all 12 new events Number of athletes with Olympic medals 46 athletes with an Olympic Winter Games medal Athletes with World Championship medals 108 with a World Championship medal Number of veteran and rookie athletes 126 athlete rookies 95 veteran athletes – six of which have three Games or more experience: Jayna Hefford (Hockey) – four Games – Vancouver 2010, Turin 2006, Salt Lake City2002, Nagano 1998 Caroline Ouellette (Hockey) – three Games – Vancouver 2010, Turin 2006, Salt Lake City 2002 Hayley Wickenheiser (Hockey) – five Games – Vancouver 2010, Turin 2006, Salt Lake City 2002, Sydney 2000, Nagano 1998 Charline Labonte (Hockey) – three Games – Vancouver 2010,Turin 2006, Salt Lake City 2002 Maelle Ricker (Snowboard) – four Games –   Vancouver 2010, Turin 2006, Salt Lake City 2002, Nagano 1998 Jasey Jay Anderon (Snowboard) – four Games – Vancouver 2010, Turin 2006, Salt Lake City 2002, Nagano 1998 Athletes with three or more medals 4 Medals: Jayna Hefford, Haley Wickenheiser 3 Medals: Charles Hamelin, Caroline Ouellette Stats for coaches: Provincial breakdown of coaches

Province # %
Alberta 24 28%
Quebec 16 19%
Ontario 11 13%
British Columbia 10 12%
Manitoba 5 6%
Saskatchewan 2 2%
New Brunswick 1 1%
Nova Scotia 1 1%
Outside of Canada 15 18%


Coaches Male Female Total
Alpine Skiing 12 0 12
Biathlon 2 0 2
Bobsleigh 4 0 4
Bobsleigh|Skeleton 1 0 1
Cross Country Skiing 3 0 3
Curling 3 3 6
Figure Skating 6 5 11
Freestyle Skiing 11 0 11
Ice Hockey 7 2 9
Luge 4 0 4
Skeleton 2 0 2
Ski Cross 2 0 2
Ski Jumping 1 0 1
Snowboard 8 0 8
Speed Skating – LT 5 1 6
Speed Skating – ST 3 0 3
TOTAL 74 11 85
87% 13%


Canadian Olympic Committee Media Office: Ray Lalonde, Executive Director, Communications Tel: 514-861-5691 / Cell: 514-238-4315 Email: Jane Almeida, Manager, Media Relations Tel: 416-324-4120 / Cell: 416-540-1788 Email: Luc Beaudin, Coordinator, Communications and Media Relations Cell: 514-206-6720 Email: Backgrounder Sochi 2014 Canadian Olympic Team:

First Last Hometown Sport
1 Kelsey Serwa Kelowna, BC Ski Cross
2 Marielle Thompson Whistler, BC Ski Cross
3 Georgia Simmerling West Vancouver, BC Ski Cross
4 Dave Duncan London, ON Ski Cross
5 Chris Del Bosco Montreal, QC Ski Cross
6 Brady Leman Calgary, AB Ski Cross
7 Atsuko Tanaka Calgary, AB Ski Jumping
8 Alexandra Pretorius Calgary, AB Ski Jumping
9 Taylor Henrich Calgary, AB Ski Jumping
10 Dusty Korek Calgary, AB Ski Jumping
11 Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes Calgary, AB Ski Jumping
12 Trevor Morrice Calgary, AB Ski Jumping
13 Matthew Rowley Red Deer, AB Ski Jumping
14 Ivanie Blondin Ottawa, ON Speed Skating Long Track
15 Anastasia Bucsis Calgary, AB Speed Skating Long Track
16 Kali Christ Regina, SK Speed Skating Long Track
17 Marsha Hudey White City, SK Speed Skating Long Track
18 Kaylin Irvine Calgary, AB Speed Skating Long Track
19 Christine Nesbitt London, ON Speed Skating Long Track
20 Brittany Schussler Winnipeg, MB Speed Skating Long Track
21 Brianne Tutt Airdrie, AB Speed Skating Long Track
22 Danielle Wotherspoon-Gregg Red Deer, AB Speed Skating Long Track
23 Vincent De Haître Cumberland, ON Speed Skating Long Track
24 William Dutton Humboldt, SK Speed Skating Long Track
25 Mathieu Giroux Pointe-aux-trembles, QC Speed Skating Long Track
26 Jamie Gregg Edmonton, AB Speed Skating Long Track
27 Gilmore Junio Calgary, AB Speed Skating Long Track
28 Lucas Makowsky Regina, SK Speed Skating Long Track
29 Denny Morrison Cumberland, ON Speed Skating Long Track
30 Muncef Ouardi Quebec City, QC Speed Skating Long Track
31 Jasey-Jay Anderson Mont Tremblant, QC Snowboard – Men’s PGS/PSL
32 Jenna Blasman Kitchener, ON Snowboard – Women’s Slopestyle
33 Caroline Calvé Aylmer, QC Snowboard – Women’s PGS/PSL
34 Alex Duckworth Kingsburg, NS Snowboard – Women’s Halfpipe
35 Robert Fagan Cranbrook, BC Snowboard – Men’s SBX
36 Kevin Hill Vernon, BC Snowboard – Men’s SBX
37 Jake Holden Caledon, ON Snowboard – Men’s SBX
38 Michael Lambert Toronto, ON Snowboard – Men’s PGS/PSL
39 Ariane Lavigne Lac Supérieur, QC Snowboard – Women’s PGS/PSL
40 Marianne Leeson Burlington, ON Snowboard – Women’s PGS/PSL
41 Crispin Lipscomb Whistler, BC Snowboard – Men’s Halfpipe
42 Derek Livingston Aurora, ON Snowboard – Men’s Halfpipe
43 Dominique Maltais Petite-Rivière-St Francois, QC Snowboard – Women’s SBX
44 Brad Martin Ancaster, ON Snowboard – Men’s Halfpipe
45 Matthew Morison Burketon, ON Snowboard – Men’s PGS/PSL
46 Mercedes Nicoll Whistler, BC Snowboard – Women’s Halfpipe
47 Maxence Parrot Bromont, QC Snowboard – Men’s Slopestyle
48 Charles Reid Mont Tremblant, QC Snowboard – Men’s Slopestyle
49 Katie Tsuyuki Toronto, ON Snowboard – Women’s Halfpipe
50 Travis Gerrits Milton, ON Freestyle Skiing – Aerials
51 Roz Groenewoud Calgary, AB Freestyle Skiing – Halfpipe
52 Philippe Marquis Quebec City, QC Freestyle Skiing – Moguls
53 Keltie Hansen Edmonton, AB Freestyle Skiing – Halfpipe
54 Noah Bowman Calgary, AB Freestyle Skiing – Halfpipe
55 Justin Dorey Vernon, BC Freestyle Skiing – Halfpipe
56 Matt Margetts Penticton, BC Freestyle Skiing – Halfpipe
57 Mike Riddle Sherwood Park, AB Freestyle Skiing – Halfpipe
58 Dara Howell Huntsville, ON Freestyle Skiing – Slopestyle
59 Kim Lamarre Quebec City, QC Freestyle Skiing – Slopestyle
60 Yuki Tsubota Whistler, BC Freestyle Skiing – Slopestyle
61 Kaya Turski Montreal, QC Freestyle Skiing – Slopestyle
62 Alex Beaulieu-Marchand Quebec City, QC Freestyle Skiing – Slopestyle
63 Chloé Dufour-Lapointe Montreal, QC Freestyle Skiing – Moguls
64 Justine Dufour-Lapointe Montreal, QC Freestyle Skiing – Moguls
65 Maxime Dufour-Lapointe Montreal, QC Freestyle Skiing – Moguls
66 Audrey Robichaud Quebec City, QC Freestyle Skiing – Moguls
67 Alex Bilodeau Rosemère, QC Freestyle Skiing – Moguls
68 Marc-Antoine Gagnon Terrebonne, QC Freestyle Skiing – Moguls
69 Mikaël Kingsbury Deux-Montagnes, QC Freestyle Skiing – Moguls
70 Chandra Crawford Canmore, AB Cross-Country Skiing
71 Amanda Ammar Onoway, AB Cross-Country Skiing
72 Brittany Webster Caledon, ON Cross-country Skiing
73 Daria Gaiazova Banff, AB Cross-Country Skiing
74 Emily Nishikawa Whitehorse, YK Cross-Country Skiing
75 Perianne Jones Almonte, ON Cross-Country Skiing
76 Heidi Widmer Banff, AB Cross-Country Skiing
77 Alex Harvey St-Ferréol-les-Neiges, QC Cross-Country Skiing
78 Devon Kershaw Sudbury, ON Cross-Country Skiing
79 Ivan Babikov Canmore, AB Cross-Country Skiing
80 Lenny Valjas Toronto, ON Cross-Country Skiing
81 Graeme Killick Fort McMurray, AB Cross-Country Skiing
82 Jesse Cockney Canmore, AB Cross-Country Skiing
83 Kaetlyn Osmond Sherwood Park, AB; Marystown, NL Figure Skating
84 Gabrielle Daleman Newmarket, ON Figure Skating
85 Patrick Chan Toronto, ON Figure Skating
86 Kevin Reynolds Coquitlam, BC Figure Skating
87 Liam Firus North Vancouver, BC Figure Skating
88 Meagan Duhamel Lively, ON Figure Skating
89 Eric Radford Balmertown, ON Figure Skating
90 Kirsten Moore-Towers St. Catharines, ON Figure Skating
91 Dylan Moscovitch Toronto, ON Figure Skating
92 Paige Lawrence Kennedy, SK Figure Skating
93 Rudi Swiegers Kipling, SK Figure Skating
94 Tessa Virtue London, ON Figure Skating
95 Scott Moir Ilderton, ON Figure Skating
96 Kaitlyn Weaver Waterloo, ON Figure Skating
97 Andrew Poje Waterloo, ON Figure Skating
98 Alexandra Paul Midhurst, ON Figure Skating
99 Mitchell Islam Barrie, ON Figure Skating
100 Marie-Michèle Gagnon Lac-Etchemin, QC Alpine Skiing
101 Brittany Phelan Mont-Tremblant, QC Alpine Skiing
102 Larisa Yurkiw Owen Sound, ON Alpine Skiing
103 Erin Mielzynski Collingwood, ON Alpine Skiing
104 Marie-Pier Préfontaine Saint-Sauveur, QC Alpine Skiing
105 Elli Terwiel Sun Peaks, BC Alpine Skiing
106 Phil Brown Toronto, ON Alpine Skiing
107 Mike Janyk Whistler, BC Alpine Skiing
108 Trevor Philp Calgary, AB Alpine Skiing
109 Morgan Pridy Whistler, BC Alpine Skiing
110 Brad Spence Calgary, AB Alpine Skiing
111 Ben Thomsen Ivermere, BC Alpine Skiing
112 Erik Guay Mont-Tremblant, QC Alpine Skiing
113 Jan Hudec Calgary, AB Alpine Skiing
114 Manuel Osborne-Paradis Ivermere, BC Alpine Skiing
115 Robert Luongo Montreal, QC Ice Hockey- Men
116 Carey Price Anahim Lake, BC Ice Hockey- Men
117 Mike Smith Kingston, ON Ice Hockey – Men
118 Jay Bouwmeester Edmonton, AB Ice Hockey – Men
119 Drew Doughty London, ON Ice Hockey- Men
120 Dan Hamhuis Smithers, BC Ice Hockey- Men
121 Duncan Keith Penticton, BC Ice Hockey- Men
122 Alex Pietrangelo King City, ON Ice Hockey- Men
123 PK Subban Toronto, ON Ice Hockey- Men
124 Marc-Èdouard Vlasic Montreal, QC Ice Hockey- Men
125 Shea Weber Sicamous, BC Ice Hockey- Men
126 Jamie Benn Victoria, BC Ice Hockey- Men
127 Patrice Bergeron Sillery, QC Ice Hockey- Men
128 Jeff Carter London, ON Ice Hockey- Men
129 Sidney Crosby Cole Harbour, NS Ice Hockey- Men
130 Matt Duchene Haliburton, ON Ice Hockey- Men
131 Ryan Getzlaf Regina, SK Ice Hockey- Men
132 Chris Kunitz Regina, SK Ice Hockey- Men
133 Patrick Marleau Aneroid, SK Ice Hockey- Men
134 Rick Nash Brampton, ON Ice Hockey- Men
135 Corey Perry Peterborough, ON Ice Hockey- Men
136 Patrick Sharp Thunder Bay, ON Ice Hockey- Men
137 Steven Stamkos Unionville, ON Ice Hockey- Men
138 John Tavares Oakville, ON Ice Hockey- Men
139 Jonathan Toews Winnipeg, MB Ice Hockey- Men
140 Mark McMorris Regina, SK Snowboard – Slopestyle
141 Spencer O’Brien Courtenay, BC Snowboard – Slopestyle
142 Maëlle Ricker West Vancouver, BC Snowboard Cross
143 Chris Robanske Calgary, AB Snowboard Cross
144 Sébastien Toutant L’Assomption Snowboard – Slopestyle
145 Zina Kocher Red Deer, AB Biathlon
146 Rosanna Crawford Canmore, AB Biathlon
147 Megan Imrie Falcon Lake, MB Biathlon
148 Megan Heinicke Prince George, BC Biathlon
149 Jean-Philippe Le Guellec Shannon, QC Biathlon
150 Brendan Green Hay River, NWT Biathlon
151 Scott Perras Regina, SK Biathlon
152 Nathan Smith Calgary, AB Biathlon
153 Meghan Agosta-Marciano Ruthven, ON Ice Hockey – Women
154 Gillian Apps Unionville, ON Ice Hockey – Women
155 Mélodie Daoust Valleyfield, QC Ice Hockey – Women
156 Laura Fortino Hamilton, ON Ice Hockey – Women
157 Jayna Hefford Kingston, ON Ice Hockey – Women
158 Haley Irwin Thunder Bay, ON Ice Hockey – Women
159 Brianne Jenner Oakville, ON Ice Hockey – Women
160 Rebecca Johnston Sudbury, ON Ice Hockey – Women
161 Charline Labonté Boisbriand, QC Ice Hockey – Women
162 Geneviève Lacasse Kingston, ON Ice Hockey – Women
163 Jocelyne Larocque Ste. Anne, MB Ice Hockey – Women
164 Meaghan Mikkelson St. Albert, AB Ice Hockey – Women
165 Caroline Ouellette Montreal, QC Ice Hockey – Women
166 Marie-Philip Poulin Beauceville, QC Ice Hockey – Women
167 Lauriane Rougeau Beaconsfield, QC Ice Hockey – Women
168 Natalie Spooner Scarborough, ON Ice Hockey – Women
169 Shannon Szabados Edmonton, AB Ice Hockey – Women
170 Jennifer Wakefield Pickering, ON Ice Hockey – Women
171 Catherine Ward Montreal, QC Ice Hockey – Women
172 Tara Watchorn Newcastle, ON Ice Hockey – Women
173 Hayley Wickenheiser Shaunavon, SK Ice Hockey – Women
174 Mellisa Hollingsworth Eckville, AB Skeleton
175 Sarah Reid Calgary, AB Skeleton
176 John Fairbairn Calgary, AB Skeleton
177 Eric Neilson Kelowna, BC Skeleton
178 Alex Gough Calgary, AB Luge
179 Kimberley McRae Calgary, AB Luge
180 Arianne Jones Calgary, AB Luge
181 Mitchel Malyk Calgary, AB Luge
182 Justin Snith Calgary, AB Luge
183 Tristan Walker Cochrane, AB Luge
184 Sam Edney Calgary, AB Luge
185 John Fennell Calgary, AB Luge
186 Kaillie Humphries Calgary, AB Bobsleigh
187 Heather Moyse Summerside, PE Bobsleigh
188 Jenny Ciochetti Edmonton, AB Bobsleigh
189 Chelsea Valois Zenon Park, SK Bobsleigh
190 Lyndon Rush Humboldt, SK Bobsleigh
191 Dave Bissett Edmonton, AB Bobsleigh
192 Lascelles Brown Calgary, AB Bobsleigh
193 Neville Wright Edmonton, AB Bobsleigh
194 Chris Spring Calgary, AB Bobsleigh
195 Jesse Lumsden Burlington, ON Bobsleigh
196 Cody Sorensen Ottawa, ON Bobsleigh
197 Ben Coakwell Regina, SK Bobsleigh
198 Justin Kripps Summerland, BC Bobsleigh
199 James McNaughton Newmarket, ON Bobsleigh
200 Tim Randall Burlington, ON Bobsleigh
201 Bryan Barnett Edmonton, AB Bobsleigh
202 Dawn McEwen Winnipeg, MB Curling
203 Jennifer Jones Winnipeg, MB Curling
204 Jill Officer Winnipeg, MB Curling
205 Kaitlyn Lawes Winnipeg, MB Curling
206 Kirsten Wall Milton, ON Curling
207 Brad Jacobs Sault Ste. Marie, ON Curling
208 Caleb Flaxey Caledon, ON Curling
209 E.J. Harnden Sault Ste. Marie, ON Curling
210 Ryan Fry Sault Ste. Marie, ON Curling
211 Ryan Harnden Sault Ste. Marie, ON Curling
212 Valérie Maltais La Baie, QC Short Track Speed Skating
213 Jessica Hewitt Kamloops, BC Short Track Speed Skating
214 Jessica Gregg Edmonton, AB Short Track Speed Skating
215 Marianne St-Gelais Saint-Félicien, QC Short Track Speed Skating
216 Marie-Ève Drolet Chicoutimi, QC Short Track Speed Skating
217 Charles Hamelin Sainte-Julie, QC Short Track Speed Skating
218 Charle Cournoyer Boucherville, QC Short Track Speed Skating
219 François Hamelin Sainte-Julie, QC Short Track Speed Skating
220 Michael Gilday Yellowknife, NT Short Track Speed Skating
221 Olivier Jean Lachenaie, QC Short Track Speed Skating
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