Max Parrot’s success is no coincidence. Born and raised near the Bromont ski area and having inherited the DNA of his father, an alpine ski racer and Canadian water ski jump champion, Parrot was ideally placed to fully develop his natural talent for snow sports.

When Parrot was nine years old, a friend of his received a snowboard for Christmas. Parrot really wanted his own, but his parents were reluctant, worried that snowboarding was more dangerous than skiing, the family sport. He spent the next summer mowing almost every lawn in his neighborhood to save up enough money to buy his board in the fall. Only then, was he allowed to polish his snowboarding skills by training at Bromont’s snow park almost every evening after school.

At 16, Parrot took third place at the St-Sauveur Shakedown, which marked the beginning of his professional career. However, his parents would only allow him to travel the world alone and loan him the money he would need to enter international level contests if he successfully completed high school.

Parrot’s meteoric success on the World Snowboard Tour, from his rookie year in 2011 to being World Snowboard Tour Big Air Overall Champion in 2014, has led him to achieve more than 25 podiums so far. By now a slopestyle and Big Air X-Games veteran with four medals, in 2014 Parrot joined Mark McMorris as the second male ever to win both snowboard Big Air and slopestyle at the same X-Games.

Two weeks after the 2014 X-Games, Parrot was the top qualifier in slopestyle at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi with a near perfect score and went on to finish fifth in the final.

So far, in his young pro career, Parrot has made snowboard history three times. In 2013 he laid down the first backside triple cork ever seen in an X-Games slopestyle event. In 2014, he was the first to land consecutive triple jumps in a slopestyle run at the X-Games. In April 2015, Parrot flawlessly performed what was thought to be impossible at the time, the very first switch quadruple.