The international star known as Seb Toots turned heads when he won his first professional event when he was just 13. He was immediately recruited by a film crew who could see that he was going to make it big. Taking his first ever airplane trip, he went to Mount Hood and was captured performing tricks off the biggest jumps he had ever seen. Since then, Toutant has competed at snowboard’s biggest events.

At the 2011 Winter X Games in Aspen, Toutant became the first male rookie to win the snowboard slopestyle competition since 2002. He also won silver at the 2011 Winter X Games in Tignes. He had gone to Aspen with no expectations after missing the 2010 Winter X Games because of a broken ankle.

While 2011-12 could be considered a bit of an off-year for Toutant, he returned to the top of the podium at the Winter X Games in Tignes in 2013, defeating fellow Canadian Mark McMorris. He and McMorris have known each other since Toutant was 14.


Getting Into Sport: Started snowboarding at age nine when he broke his skis and picked up his brother’s old board… At 14 he realized he could make a career out of snowboarding… Has always been an extreme guy, who if he wasn’t snowboarding would be skating, wakeboarding or doing motocross… Odds and Ends: Favourite food: sushi and thai… Enjoys skateboarding and wakeboarding, both of which help with his snowboarding… Enjoys playing poker with friends… Says that travelling the world since he was 13 has been the best education he’s had… Favourite Olympic memory is the men’s hockey team winning gold at Vancouver 2010…