Hilton HHonors improves life on the road for athletes

Life on the road for international Canadian athletes just got better.

On Thursday, as Speed Skating Canada announced its nominees for the Sochi 2014 Games, one of the largest hotel chains in the world also joined the Canadian Olympic Team: Hilton HHonors.

For first-time Olympian Travis Gerrits, the four-year partnership comes as welcome news.

“As athletes, we all travel a lot to compete, and knowing that Hilton Worldwide is there to provide their hospitality to the athletes and our families allows us to focus on our sport.”

Top-5 hotel moments in Hollywood History:

A little something to remind us why having a reliable teammate like Hilton HHonors is so important when travelling around the world:

A great place to sleep and the training facility should be two different places. Unless you’re Rosie MacLennan perhaps.


Hilton HHonors properties come with gravity. Good news. Even for our gravity-defying Freestyle Ski team who do need to rest on occasion.

Two word: No ghosts.

Unless you can dodge a punch like Mary Spencer, stay at any Hilton HHonors property.

Hilton HHonors properties are in convenient locations, not out in the woods. So this won’t happen to you.