Everything you need to know about the Sochi Olympic torch

Right now the Olympic torch is going on its traditional journey from Greece through the host country, Russia. Of course, if you remember from elementary school, Russia is the country with the largest land mass. (I’m still convinced we only learned that because Canada is second).

This means the torch relay is going to take a while. But in the meantime we’ll get a great look at what Russia has to offer.

The Relay

You know what I always say, thank goodness for deer:

PHOTO: Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay

The Torch

COLOUR: Red, to represent the traditional colour of Russian sport. The body also includes light-silver chrome.
DESIGN: A combination of motifs from Russian folklore, including the feather of the magic bird. Yes, like the Firebird or the Phoenix. Awesome.
CONSTRUCTION: Made of aluminum and highly transparent polymers. Engineers focused the torch’s construction on its flame-lighting system to reduce burn outs.
WEIGHT: 1.8 kg
HEIGHT: 0.95 m

So far, the torch relay is just over one month old meaning it has already been some interesting places:

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