15 Canadian athletes and their #FirstTweet

To mark their big eighth birthday, Twitter actually gave us a gift, the opportunity to search your, (or anyone’s), #FirstTweet. Internet fist bump, Twitter.

Somewhere after the 28th minute of my life searching close friends and other Olympic.ca contributors, and maybe closer to the 38th minute of making fun of them publicly, I decided to do something useful. (To be fair, my own is admittedly West Coast student-esque).

Many #FirstTweets are an honest expression of bewilderment, others are proclamations and many are downright funny.

Carey Pricedoes ‘Skillzy’ know drinking wine coolers might be notorious? Or is this just a factual statement.

Christine Sinclair: wisely throwing out a disclaimer in advance

Mark McMorrisgetting emphatic about his new tool

Shannon Szabados: OMGOMGOMGOMG she met who!?!

Milos Raonic: maybe he just saw ‘Memento’ for the first time

Denny Morrison: seriously!? Take a day off for once. He clearly didn’t. (See below)

Marielle Thompson: now here’s a sweet off-season activity

Donovan Bailey: again, plenty of warning

Brent Hayden: well put

Perdita Felicien: it’s a good thing none of this turned out to be true

Derek Drouin: we’d have been all over this

Ryan Cochrane: maybe it’s time for Murphy to get on twitter?

Adam van Koeverden: this sounds mostly really awfully good

Simon Whitfield: it never hurts to approach the unknown with a question

Reid Coolsaet: and really, we’re all still trying to figure this out

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