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Danielle “Dani” Smith


Danielle-SmithDani Smith enjoyed a five year career with the Vancouver Island University Mariners which was highlighted by the team winning the 2012 CCAA National Championship at home. She joined the national team in 2013, putting in appearances at the 2013 and 2014 Pan American Cups.


Family: Parents Herb and Terry Smith… Younger sisters Jenna and Nicole… Getting into the Sport: Started playing volleyball at age 13… Grew up in a small town so her parents put her and her sisters in every activity possible (hockey, dance, swimming, golf, basketball, track and field) to keep them out of trouble; eventually had to narrow it down to one and by process of elimination (hockey was too cold, too tall for dance, basketball too touchy), she stuck with volleyball… Outside Interests: Enjoys cooking, seeing live music shows, reading, trying to keep a garden alive… Earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sport Health and Physical Education at Vancouver Island University in 2013… Helps to organize a charity golf tournament with her university alumni to benefit a worthy selected student-athlete… Odds and Ends: Nicknames: Dani, Dan, Danitude, Danitron, D-Money… Has a dance party before each game… Used to collect coffee mugs from her travels but ended up with too many broken ones, so she now collects magnets… Favourite motto: “How you do anything is how you do everything”…


Pan Am Cup: 2014 – 6th; 2013 – 7th