A sport climber navigates a series of gray triangular holdsThomas Skrlj/COC
Thomas Skrlj/COC

Indiana Chapman


  • Represented Team Canada at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games
  • Finished fourth in boulder at the 2017 and 2018 IFSC Youth World Championships
  • Debuted at the senior IFSC World Championships in 2023  
  • Debuted on the IFSC World Cup circuit in 2019

A Little More About Indiana

Getting into the Sport: Her father introduced her to climbing at 7 years old and she began competing when she was 8… Odds and Ends: Climbing has taught her that falling is a vital part of not only climbing, but life –something not to be feared, but embraced…

Notable International Results

IFSC World Championships: 2023 - 49th (boulder & lead), 52nd (lead), 67th (boulder) IFSC Youth World Championships: 2022 - 12th (lead junior); 2019 - 12th (lead youth A), 37th (boulder youth A); 2018 - 7th (lead Youth B), 4th (boulder Youth B), 34th (speed Youth B); 2017 - 4th (boulder Youth B), 11th (combined Youth B), 45th (speed Youth B), 20th (lead Youth B) Pan American Youth Championship: 2017 – GOLD (lead Youth B), 9th (speed Youth B), 9th (boulder Youth B)