Ken Pereira



HGC Hockey Club

Languages spoken:


Idols (in sport or other):

Homer Simpson

Favourite activities outside of sport:

sleeping, watching the Simpsons

Sibling(s) Name(s) (date of birth):

Chris Pereira, Jeff Pereira

Pre-competition rituals / superstitions:

joking around

Training Location(s):

fitness institute

Preferred sport events / Specialties:

Super Bowl, Stanley Cup


Robin D’Abreo

Senior national athlete since:


College/ University (year graduated):

Centennial 2002

Focus of studies:


Org./ charities supported:

Can fund

Other sports participated in:

golf, football, ice hockey

Favourite movies / TV shows:


Favourite quote / motto:

have fun

It would surprise you to know that I …:

am 38 years old

Olympic Highlights

Games Sport Event Finish
2000 Sydney Field HockeyMen10
2008 Beijing Field HockeyMen10

Notable International Results

National titles (include event, year):

Canadian Nationals 1995,1998,1999,2001,2003,2006

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2010:

World Cup - 11th
Commonwealth Games - 7th

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2009:

Pan Am Cup - 1st

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2008:

Olympics - 10th

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2007:

Pan Am Games - 1st

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2006:

Commonwealth Games - 9th

Career notes prior (excluding Olympic):

Flag Bearer for 2010 Commonwealth Games

Pan Am Games results -- all events, all Games:

1995 - 2nd
1999 - 1st
2003 - 2nd
2007 - 1st

World Championship appearances - Best results by year:

1998 - 8th
2010 - 11th