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Marc-André Bergeron


Marc-André-Bergeron_600Marc-André Bergeron competed internationally for the first time in 2012 and won bronze medals at the Austrian Open and Pan American Championships. He earned his first international victory in 2013, taking gold at the Dutch Open. He also competed at the WTF World Championships for the first time, recording a fifth place finish in the -87kg division. Bergeron enjoyed an extremely successful year in 2014, winning gold at the Pan American Championships and the Pan American Open to go with silver medals at the Canada Open, German Open and Commonwealth Championships. He also won bronze medals at the Swiss Open and Austrian Open. He started 2015 off with bronze medals at the Canada Open and Dutch Open.


Family: Father René Bergeron, mother Edith St-Hilaire… Getting into the Sport: His mother wanted him to practice a sport and took him to see a karate demonstration which he didn’t really like… When she told him about taekwondo, the word itself interested him and he started knowing nothing but that it was a martial art… Other Interests: Studying biology at Laval University… Would like to pursue kinesiology… Enjoys watching and playing tennis… Odds and Ends: Role models include Olympians François Coulombe-Fortier and Sébastien Michaud…


WTF WCh: 2015 – Rd of 16 (-87kg); 2013 – 5th (-87kg)

GP: 2014 – QF (Suzhou +80kg), Rd of 16 (Manchester +80kg); 2013 – Rd of 16 (Manchester +80kg)

Pan Am Open: 2014 – GOLD (-87kg)

PAC: 2014 – GOLD (-87kg); 2012 – BRONZE (-87kg)