Marshall Hughes paddling.

Marshall Hughes


Marshall Hughes experienced his first Olympic Games at London 2012, though not as a competitor. Rather he was one of 14 teenagers chosen to take part in the war canoe demonstration, representing the Cheema Aquatic Club. He achieved a career highlight the following year when he won a World Cup bronze medal in the K-4 1000m while still a junior paddler. After competing at the world junior championships in 2013, he was in the U23 division for the next five world championships, while also competing at the senior worlds in 2017 and 2018. In 2018 he won two medals at the Pan American Championships, taking gold in the K-4 500m and silver in the K-4 1000m.


Getting into Sport: Started paddling at age 6 during summer camps at the Cheema Aquatic Club… While at the club Marshall saw older athletes training hard and aspired to that… He began competing provincially at age 12… Outside Interests: Enjoys spending time with friends around the water…Also enjoys archery…

Notable International Results

Pan American Championships: 2018 – GOLD (K-4 500m), SILVER (K-4 1000m), 6th (K-2 1000m); 2016 – 6th (K-2 1000m); 2014 – GOLD (K-1 5000m), 5th (K-1 1000m), 6th (K-4 1000m)

ICF World Championships: 2018 – 20th (K-4 500m); 2017 – 23rd (K-2 1000m), 10th (K-4 500m)

ICF U23 World Championships: 2018 – 6th (K-4 500m); 2016 – 10th (K-2 1000m), 6th (K-4 1000m); 2015 – 18th (K-1 1000m); 2014 – 16th K-1 1000m

ICF Junior World Championships: 2013 – 8TH (K-1 1000m), 8TH (K-4 1000m)