two boxers face off in the ringDarren Calabrese/COC
Darren Calabrese/COC

Mckenzie Wright


  • Won her third senior national title in 2023; it was her first time competing at the Canadian Championships since she took a four-year hiatus from boxing 
  • Had felt complacent and didn’t enjoy training so she entered her break from boxing without any plans to return; spent a few years living in South Africa before the COVID-19 pandemic sent her home to Canada; slowly made her way back to boxing and decided she wanted to compete again; trained for a year with fresh motivation before her first fight back, which she won against a multi-time American champion 
  • Won 50kg bronze at the 2023 AMBC American Continental Championships

A Little More About Mckenzie

Getting into the Sport: Was introduced to combat sports in a high school self-defence class… Started competing in amateur kickboxing at age 17, but there weren’t a lot of girls to compete against so she began fighting as an amateur boxer… Realized that she preferred boxing and was better at it… Outside Interests: Graduated from the Practical Nursing Program at Niagara College; plans to pursue a career in cosmetic nursing… Odds and Ends: Inspired by two-time Olympian Mandy Bujold, who has become one of her best friends and mentor… Before a fight will always read a few lines from a book she has carried to every competition, Winning State Wrestling… Favourite motto: Don’t talk about it, just be about it…

Notable International Results

AMBC Continental Championships: 2023 – BRONZE (50kg)