Marc-André Bédard
  • Born: 02/19/1986
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 171cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Birthplace: Beauport, Quebec

Marc-André Bédard made his Olympic debut at Vancouver 2010 where he was a member of the 4×7.5km relay team that finished 10th, matching a best-ever Canadian result.

Career Notes

2009-10: Finished 28th in 20 km individual, 24th in sprint at IBU Cup in Ridnaun-Val Ridanna, ITA. 2008-09: Met the three Olympic criteria at IBU Cups and his first World Cup in Trondheim, NOR … Finished 46th in sprint, 56th in pursuit there … Was top Canadian rookie. 2007-08: First Canadian to win an international competition at the IBU Cup Final at Sansicario, ITA, in first year as senior … Biathlon Canada’s Male Athlete of the Year – at national, provincial and regional levels … Established an important criteria for the 2010 Games. 2006-07: Won bronze at Junior WC in the 4×7.5 km relay at Martel, ITA … Captured his second Canada Games medal in Whitehorse … Won two gold medals at the Canadian Championships. 2005-06: Difficult season saw him qualify for national team, finished 14th in individual, but was disqualified from the relay when he fell and broke his gun in the sprint … Canadian youth champion in sprint, 3rd in individual. 2004-05: At Junior WC, had excellent results of 10th in pursuit, 11th in individual and 13th in sprint … Also won a silver medal in relay … Those were the best results for any North American in each event … Captured two Canadian Championships medals. 2003-04: At Junior WC, won his first international medal, a silver in relay.


Started biathlon in 2000 … Inspired by biathlon legend Myriam Bédard (no relation), his father, who was a cross-country skier forced to leave sport to help his family financially, and brother who was high performance mountain biker forced to retire due to injury … Experienced mountain biker, cross-country skier and soccer player … Plays the guitar and harmonica, brings them on the road …Is a barman at the Hilton in Quebec City … Sport idols are Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali.

Olympic Highlights








2010 VancouverOlympic Winter GamesBiathlonRelay 4x7.5km - Men - 10
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