Moose Musings: 12 Days of Komak coming up

On Friday, a few friends (I don’t mean to brag, but they’re Olympians Cheryl Pounder, Sami Jo Small and Jason Burnett), helped introduce me to Canada at a school event in Hamilton, Ontario.

It was nice to be inside for a change, though there wasn’t an abundance of leaves to eat. Someone should look into that next time.

Anyway, to show my appreciation to Canadians for welcoming me to the team, I’m giving away gifts for 12 straight days starting Tuesday, December 10. My friends at @CDNOlympicTeam have set up a Twitter account for me at @Komak. I tried to do it myself but you know, I’m a moose.

Follow us both and we will post details on how fans can win gifts during “12 Days of Komak” on Twitter.

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