#OlympicBuzz: balance


What’s new with our Olympians? Delve into their fascinating everyday lives through social media. Here’s a recap of 10 favourite posts this week via our Canadian Olympic athletes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Week of August 12-18, 2014


1. Sam Edney  had the privilege to spend time with the Stanley Cup…

…or was it the other way around?


2. Happy in the big blue sea

Skier Dara Howell seems as comfy in the depths of the deep blue sea as she is on mountain tops.

3. Travis Gerrit doesn’t mess around when it comes to stretching

4. Tessa VirtueJoannie Rochette and Kaitlyn Weaver together at last.

5. Justine gives new meaning to the Dufour-Lapointe Double.

6. Max Parrot is not one to just sit around and wait for snow to come his way…

Why not go where the snow is… in Australia.

7. Balance

So that’s how Jenna Blasman practices maintaining her balance on the board while flying down the hills.

8. Jason Burnett – Just hangin’

Flipping high above a trampoline suddenly doesn’t look scary at all…

9. Cold shower

Scott Moir is one of the Canadian Olympians who have decided to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge… and he certainly gave it his all!

10. Smiiiiiiiiiiiiiile!

Brought together for a Team McD’s photo shoot, Tessa BonhommeDrew Doughty and Marc-André Fleury are all smiles.


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