Canadian rowing team at Amsterdam 1928 (CP Photo/COC)
Canadian rowing team at Amsterdam 1928 (CP Photo/COC)

Wearing the maple leaf: Team Canada through the decades

Just as fashion evolves, so too has Olympic fashion.

Sure, styles may come and go, but Canadian pride is ever present in the athletes who represent us on the world’s biggest sports stage.

Here is a look at what Team Canada has worn over the years at the Olympic Summer Games.


White suits. Cloche hats. Shorter skirts. True to the ’20s, but the maple leaf still holding its prominent place.


Classic athletic wear with the nation’s name emblazoned front and centre.

1950s / 1960s

The simple tracksuit never goes out of style.


One look at these uniforms and you know you’re in the ’70s. The wide-legged pants. The large-collared shirts. The bucket hats. Even the cut of the t-shirts.


There’s also no mistaking these for anything but the ’80s. The sweater vests. The polo shirts.


Two very different vibes from the ’90s. At Barcelona 1992, it was all about splash and colour. At Atlanta 1996, it was a step back in time to celebrate the centennial of the Olympic Games.


Beijing 2008 provided a chance to embrace Chinese-inspired icons, colours and font.


London 2012 was just classically Canadian – including a patch-covered jean jacket for the Closing Ceremony. And for Rio 2016, the maple leaf made Team Canada easy to spot in a crowd.


For Tokyo 2020, the kit blends classic looks and street fashion with a Canadian twist. The little details say a lot, such as the 13 stripes in the maple leaf on the back of the Opening Ceremony jacket representing the unity of our 10 provinces and three territories. You’ll definitely want to take a deeper dive into all the symbolism of the graffiti on the Closing Ceremony jean jacket.