Let’s talk about athletes supporting #BellLetsTalk

The support of Bell Let’s Talk day from Team Canada athletes has been overwhelming.

Witnessing athletes from a variety backgrounds and sports come together to create one team during the Olympic Games is a special thing, but seeing these athletes come together to support mental health initiatives is truly spectacular. Here’s a look at some of the great posts that crossed our feed:

Ashley Steacy – Rugby

Rugby role models Ashley Steacy and Jen Kish had a message for all Canadians to kick-off the day.

Tory Nyhaug – Cycling – BMX

Tory reminded us that we are all human and we are not alone.

Arianne Jones – Luge

Arianne is correct, the conversation around mental health must extend beyond #BellLetsTalk day.

Allysha Chapman – Football (Soccer)

Ending the stigma, one post at a time.

Nick Hoag – Volleyball

Nick Hoag is lucky to have teammates to always depend on.

Mercedes Nicoll – Snowboard

If you missed it Mercedes shared her personal struggles with mental health on Olympic.ca, check it out here.

Jen Kish – Rugby


These Rio 2016 women’s rugby bronze medallists got crafty in between training sessions in Australia to support the cause.

Joseph Polossifakis – Fencing

It certainly helps to have someone to look up to when dealing with mental health and Clara Hughes has been a great mentor for athletes and Canadians alike.

Rosanna Crawford – Biathlon

You are not alone!

Erica Wiebe – Wrestling

With growing support and moves like Erica Wiebe‘s we will end the stigma around mental illness.