Photo: Penny Oleksiak
Photo: Penny Oleksiak

National Pet Day: Team Canada Edition

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more adorable after National Puppy Day, here comes National Pet Day to deliver a cuteness overload.

We’ve compiled a list of some Team Canada’s furriest fans and sidekicks. Check it out!

Mirela Rahneva – Skeleton

Skeleton athlete, Mirela Rahneva, has a couple furry companions to welcome her home after competition, including this new kitten.

Charity Williams – Rugby

Sometimes all you need is a smile from a puppy to brighten your day.

Penny Oleksiak – Swimming

After winning four Olympic medals at Rio 2016, Penny rewarded herself with a kitten named.. you guessed it, RIO!

Patrick Chan – Figure Skating

We’re unsure if these are actually Patrick’s pets, but the picture was so precious we couldn’t resist.

Ashley Steacy – Rugby

Rugby bronze medallist, Ashley Steacy also got a new kitten after returning home from Rio.

Stephanie Labbé – Football

Steph Labbé’s pup, Rio, is ready to rep Team Canada in his scarf.

Manny Osborne-Paradis – Alpine Skiing

We don’t blame you for missing these two while you’re on the road Manny.

Tory Nyhaug – BMX

Man’s best friend, as the saying goes…

Meagan Duhamel – Figure Skating

When your cat thinks a pillow is also a cat. Too Funny!

Ivanie Blondin – Speed Skating

Sometimes you just need a pet to help you do your hair…

Eric Radford – Figure Skating

…Or to relax on a day off.

Emily Batty – Mountain Bike

One thing’s for sure, pets will always be around when food is involved.

Jen Kish – Rugby

Wiggles is almost as sweet as candy so this is fitting.

Markus Thormeyer – Swimming

And hey, if you don’t have pets of your own you can always pretend like Markus!

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