2014 Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame Inductees

The 2014 Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame Gala and Induction Ceremony presented by RBC will take place in the city of Calgary. This year’s inductees, which were announced April 2, 2014, include:

“It is such an honour to be named as an inductee to the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame,” said Kyle Shewfelt, three-time Olympian and Athens 2004 Olympic gold medallist. “It had been my dream to compete as an Olympian for as long as I could remember, so to be recognized in this way for my Olympic accomplishments is so special.”

Co-chairs for the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame include Steve Williams, President and CEO of Suncor; Doug Mitchell, National Co-Chairman of BLG and Canadian Olympic Foundation Board Member; and Ken King, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Calgary Flames.

The Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame Gala and Induction Ceremony form part of the Celebration of Excellence, a three-day celebration (June 4th – 6th ) to celebrate Canada’s tremendous successes within the Olympic Movement.

Proceeds from the Hall of Fame Gala in Calgary will go to the Canadian Olympic Foundation as well as a legacy coaching program in Calgary to support the next generation of Olympians. The 2012 Hall of Fame Gala in Toronto raised more than $3 million for high performance sport and athletes in Canada.

2012 Inductees

In 2012, Olympic heroes Jean-Luc Brassard (Freestyle Skiing), Daniel Igali (Wrestling), Beckie Scott (Cross-Country Skiing) the 2006 women’s hockey team and 2010 men’s hockey team, as well as (Synchronized Swimming) coach Julie Sauvé and builder Sarah Burke (Freestyle Skiing) were inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame. In addition, past Canadian Olympic Committee President Michael Chambers received the Canadian Olympic Order.

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“I couldn’t be happier with this induction,” said Scott. “To have competed for Canada at the Olympic Games and now to be inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame is truly an honour. I’m deeply appreciative of the career I had in sport and also for this amazing recognition.”

“It’s a real honour to be joining so many incredible athletes as one of this year’s inductees into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame,” said Brassard. “I already felt very privileged to be part of the Canadian Olympic family, and this honour is more than I ever dreamed of.”

“The 2006 Olympic team was probably the most talented Team Canada I ever played on,” said team captain Cassie Campbell-Pascall. “We had a great group of veterans and there was an influx of great young talent. To win gold in a convincing fashion was the product of so much passion and commitment from every single player and staff member. It’s hard to believe 6 years have passed already, but this is an honor for our team to be singled out like this as inductees to the 2012 Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame.”

“The 2006 women’s team and the 2010 men’s team were both very special, taking on the world and winning,” said Bob Nicholson, Hockey Canada President and Chief Executive Officer. “Those two teams belong enshrined with the very best in Canadian Olympians and I applaud their induction into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame.”

Sarah was one of those extraordinary women who believed that anything was possible,” said Burke’s mother Jan Phelan. “I think that her belief not only helped her succeed, but inspired others to be the best that they could be. I know that Sarah would be happy that all she worked for and sought to achieve is being honoured with her induction into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame.

“Coaching the national team for 30 years, through so many amazing athletes, routines, and competitions has been as fulfilling a career as one could dream of,” said Sauvé. “Today, I am truly honoured that I will join so many others whose career has been shaped by a continued search for excellence, both in others and in themselves.”

“It has been my good fortune to personally experience and see the incredible power for good that is brought to this world by the Olympic Rings,” said Chambers. “It has been my privilege, through those Rings, to help bring about positive change for Canadian athletes and coaches from all regions and corners of our country. It has been an honour to serve these many years, just as it is now an honour to be named to the Canadian Olympic Order.”

The 2012 Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame Gala Dinner and Induction Ceremony took place September 21 at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, capping off a week of activities from Ottawa to Toronto.

Members of the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame

Alpine Skiing
Name Category Year Inducted
Currie Chapman Coach 2005
Betsy Clifford (Higgins) Athlete 1971
Laurie Graham Athlete 2000
Nancy Greene (Raine) Athlete 1971
Anne Heggtveit (Hamilton) Athlete 1971
Kathy Kreiner (Phillips) Athlete 1976
Kerrin Lee-Gartner Athlete 1993
Karen Percy-Lowe Athlete 1995
Steve Podborski Athlete 1985
Ken Read Athlete 1984
Gerry Sorensen Athlete 1983
Lucile Wheeler Athlete 1958
Rhoda Wurtelle (Eaves) Athlete 1953

Aquatics - Diving

Name Category Year Inducted
George Athans Sr. Athlete 1953
Sylvie Bernier Athlete 1985
Beverley Boys Athlete 1987
Donald Dion Coach 2000
Eldon Godfrey Builder 2003
Irene MacDonald Athlete 1976
Anne Montminy Athlete 2005
Annie Pelletier Athlete 2003
Alfred Phillips Athlete 1976
Donald Webb Builder 1993

Aquatics - Swimming Inductees

Name Category Year Inducted
Alex Baumann Athlete 1985
Munroe Bourne Athlete 1972
George Burleigh Athlete 1976
Leslie Cliff Athlete 1997
Angela Coughlin (Arusoo) Athlete 1977
Victor Davis Athlete 1985
Phyllis Dewar (Lowery) Athlete 1972
Howard Firby Coach 2009
Nancy Garapick Athlete 1993
George Gate Coach 2002
Cheryl Gibson Athlete 2001
Phyllis Haslam Athlete 1977
Paul Hauch Builder 1975
George Hodgson Athlete 1949
Ralph Hutton Athlete 1972
Marianne Limpert Athlete 2007
Curtis Myden Athlete 2011
Anne Ottenbrite Athlete 1985
Irene Pirie Athlete 1977
Robert Pirie Athlete 1975
Tom Ponting Athlete 1998
Richard Pound Athlete/Builder 1975
Bruce Robertson Athlete 1973
Graham Smith Athlete 2002
Deryk Snelling Coach 2007
Mary Stewart (McIlwaine) Athlete 1975
Elaine Tanner (Nahrgang) Athlete 1971
Mark Tewksbury Athlete 1993
Dr. Jeno Tihanyi Coach 2004
Beth Whittal Athlete 1955

Aquatics - Synchronized Swimming

Name Category Year Inducted
Michelle Cameron Athlete 1991
Sylvie Fréchette Athlete 2006
Sharon Hambrook Boreyko Athlete 1996
Kelly Kryczka Irwin Athlete 1996
Debbie Muir Builder 1998
Julie Sauvé Coach 2012
Helen Vanderburg Athlete 1982
Penny Vilagos Athlete 2002
Vicky Vilagos Athlete 2002
Carolyn Waldo Athlete 1987


Name Category Year Inducted
Lisa Buscombe Athlete 1985
Lucille Lessard Athlete 1982
Dorothy Lidstone Athlete 1971
Don Lovo Builder 1988
Joan McDonald Builder 1992


Name Category Year Inducted
1996 Men’s 4x100m Relay Team Athlete/Team 2004
Robert Adams Builder 1997
Lillian Alderson Athlete 1982
Syl Apps Athlete 1975
Edward Archibald Athlete 1979
Donovan Bailey Athlete 2005
James Ball Athlete 1973
Jane Bell (Doane) Athlete 1949
Calvin Bricker Athlete 1960
Debbie Brill Athlete 1982
Donald Buddo Builder 1965
Ethel Catherwood Athlete 1949
Dr. Doug Clement Coach 2006
Cyril Coaffee Athlete 1960
Myrtle Cook (McGowan) Athlete 1949
Gerard Cote Athlete 1955
Eric Coy Athlete 1963
John Howard Crocker Builder 1960
William Crothers Athlete 1965
John Davies Builder 1964
Eva Dawes (Spinks) Athlete 1974
Etienne Desmarteau Athlete 1949
Phil Edwards Athlete 1950
Neil Farrell Builder 1967
John Fitzpatrick Athlete 1975
Duncan Gillis Athlete 1979
George Goulding Athlete 1949
F.J. Halbhaus Athlete 1977
William Happenny Athlete 1979
Robina Higgins (Haight) Athlete 1961
Andy Higgins Coach 2001
Abby Hoffman Athlete/Builder 1996
Ian Hume Athlete/Builder 1983
Lennie Hutton Athlete 1977
Harry Jerome Athlete 1963
Ben Johnson Athlete 1988
Diane Jones Konihowski Athlete 1995
Greg Joy Athlete 1994
Benjamin Keeper Athlete 1977
Robert Kerr Athlete 1949
Bruce Kidd Athlete/Builder 1966/1994
Dallas Kirkey Builder 1974
Walter Knox Builder 1960
John Loaring Builder 1956
Tom Longboat Athlete 1960
Margaret Lord Builder 1965
Thomas Lord Builder 1969
Frank Lukeman Athlete 1971
J Garfield MacDonald Athlete 1979
Nancy McCreadie Athlete 1968
Mark McKoy Athlete 1993
Duncan McNaughton Athlete 1949
Aileen Meagher Athlete 1965
Alex Oakley Athlete 1992
Laurence O’Connor Athlete 1968
George Orton Athlete 1996
William Parnell Athlete 1977
Marita Payne-Wiggins Athlete 2001
Victor Pickard Athlete 1974
Paul Poce Builder 2010
Sammy Richardson Athlete 1997
Fanny Rosenfeld Athlete 1949
William Sherring Athlete 1949
Ethel Smith (Hogarth) Athlete 1949
Dave Steen Athlete 1977
Hilda Strike (Sisson) Athlete 1964
George Sutherland Athlete 1956
Bruny Surin Athlete 2010
Betty Taylor (Campbell) Athlete 1968
Fred Tees Builder 1960
Earl Thomson Athlete 1949
Harold Webster Athlete 1955
Lynn Williams Athlete 1997
Percy Williams Athlete 1949
Alex Wilson Athlete 1953
James Worrall Builder 1965


Name Category Year Inducted
Richard Birch Athlete 1973
Dorothy Forsyth Builder 1975
Claire Lovett (Ehman) Athlete 1972
Jack Purcell Athlete 1973
Marjorie Shedd Athlete 1976
Donald Smythe Athlete 1974
Dorothy Tinline Builder 1977
Dorothy Walton Athlete 1971


Name Category Year Inducted
Jack Donohue Builder 1991
Norman Gloag Builder 1987
James Naismith Builder 1995
Robert Osborne Builder 1973
Andrew Pipe Builder 1999
Joyce Slipp (Douthwright) Athlete 1999
Beverly Smith Athlete 2003
Sylvia Sweeney Athlete 1996
Jay Triano Athlete 1995


Name Category Year Inducted
Myriam Bédard Athlete 2004
Ray Kokkonen Builder 1999
Patricia Ramage Builder 1985


Name Category Year Inducted
Douglas Anakin Athlete 1971
Douglas Connor Athlete 1956
John Emery Athlete 1971
Victor Emery Athlete 1971
Peter Kirby Athlete 1971
David MacEachern Athlete 2011
Robert Storey Builder 1998
Clifford Powell Builder 1988


Name Category Year Inducted
Eugene Brousseau Athlete 1953
Horace Gwynne Athlete 1949
Montgomery Herscovitch Athlete 1956
Lennox Lewis Athlete 1989
Thomas Osborne Athlete 1953
Bert Schneider Athlete 1949
Jerry Shears Builder 1976
Dennis White Builder 1964


Name Category Year Inducted
Frank Amyot Athlete 1949
Doug Bennett Athlete 2000
Caroline Brunet Athlete 2010
Larry Cain Athlete 1985
Frank Clement Builder 1971
Renn Crichlow Athlete 1992
Hugh Fisher Athlete 1986
Frank Garner Athlete 1995
Sue Holloway Athlete 1986
Aubrey Ireland Jr. Athlete 1953
Kenneth Lane Athlete 2003
Alwyn Morris Athlete 1988
Roy Nurse Athlete 1956
Bert Oldershaw Builder 2004
Howard Radford Builder 1976
Robert Sleeth Builder 1986

Cross-Country Skiing

Name Category Year Inducted
Pierre Harvey Athlete (cycling + cross-country skiing) 2006
Beckie Scott Athlete 2012


Name Category Year Inducted
1998 Women’s Gold Medal Team (Skip: Sandra Schmirler) Athlete/Team 2005


Name Category Year Inducted
Pierre Harvey Athlete (cycling + cross-country skiing) 2006
Steve Bauer Athlete 2005
Russell Coupland Builder 1973
Curt Harnett Athlete 2006
Marc Lemay Builder 2011
Jocelyn Lovell Athlete 1984


Name Category Year Inducted
James Day Athlete 1971
James Elder Athlete 1971
Thomas Gayford Athlete 1971
Gail Greenough Athlete 1988
Ian Millar Athlete 1990


Name Category Year Inducted
John Andru Athlete 1976
Ernest Dalton Builder 1960
Percy Nobbs Builder 1961
Carl Schwende Athlete/Builder 1985

Figure Skating

Name Category Year Inducted
Norris Bowden Athlete 1958
Isabelle Brasseur Athlete 2001
Kurt Browning Athlete 1990
Petra Burka Athlete 1972
Toller Cranston Athlete 1976
Frances Dafoe (Mellick) Athlete 1958
Lloyd Eisler Athlete 2001
Johnny Esaw Builder 1991
Suzanne Francis-Morrow Athlete/Builder 1988
Donald Jackson Athlete 1972
Maria Jelinek Athlete 1972
Otto Jelinek Athlete 1972
Karen Magnussen Athlete 1973
Elizabeth Manley Athlete 1989
Paul Martini Athlete 1985
Robert McCall Athlete 1989
Donald McPherson Athlete 1972
Brian Orser Athlete 1988
Robert Paul Athlete 1958
David Pelletier Athlete 2009
Melville Rogers Builder 1972
Louis Rubenstein Builder 1950
Jamie Salé Athlete 2009
Barbara Ann Scott (King) Athlete 1949
Elvis Stojko Athlete 2011
Barbara Underhill Athlete 1985
Barbara Wagner Athlete 1958
Montgomery Wilson Athlete 2007
Tracy Wilson-Kinsella Athlete 1989

Freestyle Skiing

Name Category Year Inducted
Jean-Luc Brassard Athlete 2012
Sarah Burke Builder 2012
Lloyd Langlois Athlete 1987
Alain Laroche Athlete 1987
Jean-Marc Rozon Athlete 1998


Name Category Year Inducted
George Lyon Athlete 1971
Ada Mackenzie Athlete 1971
Ross Somerville Athlete 1975


Name Category Year Inducted
Lori Fung Athlete 1985
Ernestine Russell (Weaver) Athlete 1960
Marilyn Savage Builder 1982
Wilhelm Weiler Athlete 1967

Ice Hockey

Name Category Year Inducted
1920 Winnipeg Falcons Athlete/Team 2006
1948 RCAF Flyers Athlete/Team 2008
1952 Edmonton Waterloo Mercurys Athlete/Team 2002
2002 Olympic gold medal men’s team Athlete/Team 2009
2002 Olympic gold medal men’s team Athlete/Team 2009
2006 Olympic gold medal women’s team Athlete/Team 2012
2010 Olympic gold medal men’s team Athlete/Team 2012
Melody Davidson Coach 2011
Sidney Dawes Builder 1976
Kenneth Farmer Builder 1971
Randy Gregg Athlete 1999
Sydney Halter Builder 1963
John Hamilton Builder 1968
Robert Hindmarch Builder 2009
David King Builder 1997
George Mara Athlete/Builder 1989
William Northey Builder 1960
Claude Robinson Builder 1960
Danièle Sauvageau Coach 2008
Brian Wakelin Builder 2007


Name Category Year Inducted
Frank Hatashita Builder 1974
Douglas Rogers Athlete 1973
Shigetaka Sasaki Builder 1986
Yoshio Senda Builder 1977

Modern Pentathlon

Name Category Year Inducted
Sandor Kerekes Builder 1990
Patricia Ramage Builder 1985


Name Category Year Inducted
1984 Men’s Eight Team Athlete/Team 2003
Donald Arnold Athlete 1958
Darren Barber Athlete 1994
Jennifer Barnes Athlete 1994
Nail Campbell Builder 1987
Shannon Crawford Athlete 1994
Andy Crosby Athlete 1994
Megan Delehanty Athlete 1994
Ignace D’Hont Athlete 1958
Kenneth Drummond Athlete 1958
Mike Forgeron Athlete 1994
Jack Guest Athlete 1952
Thomas Harris Athlete 1958
Kathleen Heddle Athlete 1994
David Helliwell Athlete 1958
George Hungerford Athlete 1971
Roger Jackson Athlete 1971
Phillip Keuber Athlete 1958
Silken Laumann Athlete 1992
Kenneth Loomer Athlete 1958
Thomas Louden Builder 1960
Archibald Mackinnon Athlete 1958
Robert Marland Athlete 1994
Marnie McBean Athlete 1994
Richard McClure Athlete 1958
Douglas McDonald Athlete 1958
A M William McKerlich Athlete 1958
Al Morrow Builder 1994
Patrick Mulqueen Builder 1960
Jessica Munroe Athlete 1994
Carl Ogawa Athlete 1958
Terry Paul Athlete 1994
Robert Pearce Athlete 1952
Derek Porter Athlete 1994
Donald Pretty Athlete 1958
Michael Rascher Athlete 1994
Frank Read Builder 1974
Bruce Robertson Athlete 1994
Lou Scholes Sr. Athlete 1952
Raymond Sierpina Athlete 1958
Glen Smith Athlete 1958
Tricia Smith Athlete 2000
Nelles Stacey Builder 1972
Brenda Taylor Athlete 1994
Lesley Thompson Athlete 1994
Arthur Toynbec Athlete 1958
John Wallace Athlete 1994
Lawrence West Athlete 1958
Robert Wilson Athlete 1958
Kay Worthington Athlete 1994
Joseph Wright Jr. Athlete 1952
Joseph Wright Sr. Athlete 1953
Herman Zloklikovits Athlete 1958


Name Category Year Inducted
Gilmour Boa Athlete 1955
Walter Ewing Athlete 1955
George Genereux Athlete 1953
Susan Nattrass Athlete 1975
Gerald Ouellette Athlete 1957
John Primrose Athlete 1975
Linda Thom Athlete 1985

Ski Jumping

Name Category Year Inducted
Horst Bulau Athlete 1993


Name Category Year Inducted
Dr. Thomas Fried Builder 2005

Speed Skating

Name Category Year Inducted
Susan Auch Athlete 2010
Gordon Audley Athlete 1998
Gaetan Boucher Athlete 1984
Sylvia Burka Athlete 1977
Maurice Gagné Builder 2006
Charles Gorman I Athlete 1952
Jean Grenier Builder 1995
Catriona Le May Doan Athlete 2008
Cathy Priestner Athlete 1994
Jean Wilson Athlete 1971

Speed Skating - Short Track

Name Category Year Inducted
1998 Men’s Short Track Relay Team Athlete/Team 2004
Sylvie Daigle Athlete 1991
Marc Gagnon Athlete 2007
Nathalie Lambert Athlete 1992
Maryse Perreault Athlete 1992


Name Category Year Inducted
Robert Bedard Athlete 1973
Willard Crocker Athlete 1972
Bernard Schwengers Athlete 1973
Malcolm Watt Builder 1975
Robert Watt Builder 1971
Jack Wright Athlete 1972


Name Category Year Inducted
Les McDonald Builder 2007


Name Category Year Inducted
Anton Furlani Builder 1992
Garth Pischke Athlete 1999

Water Skiing

Name Category Year Inducted
George Athans Jr. Athlete 1971
Caroline Duthie Athlete 1956
Joel McClintock Athlete 1984
Judy McClintock-Messer Athlete 1987


Name Category Year Inducted
Maurice Allan Builder 1973
Gerald Gratton Athlete 1955
Douglas Hepburn I Athlete 1953
Harvey Hill Builder 1977
Pierre St. Jean Athlete 1969


Name Category Year Inducted
Egon Beiler Athlete 1983
George Denniston Builder 1976
Henry Hudson Athlete 1960
Daniel Igali Athlete 2012
Danny MacDonald Athlete 1976
Earl McCready Athlete 1961
Fred Oberlander Builder 1972
J. Vernon Pettigrew Builder 1973
Joseph Schleimer Athlete 1960
Donald Stockton Athlete 1953
Bert Taylor Builder 1994
James Trifunov Athlete 1953
Allan Turnbull Builder 1987


Name Category Year Inducted
Caroll-Ann Alie Athlete 1993
Evert Bastet Athlete 1994
Hans Fogh Athlete 1986
Paul Henderson Builder 2001
Hank Lammens Athlete 1993
Paul McLaughlin Builder 1977
Reginald Stevenson Athlete 1971

Members Without Sport Category

Name Category Year Inducted
Henry Brock Builder 1980
Leo Burns Builder 1965
Norton Crow Builder 1960
James Daly Builder 1994
George Duthie Builder 1966
Mervin Ferguson Builder 1972
W.E. Findlay Builder 1960
Geoff Gowan Builder 2002
Nelson Hart Builder 1960
Frederick Henshaw Builder 1960
Charles Higginbottom Builder 1966
George Higginbottom Builder 1960
J.A. Jackson Builder 1960
Frank King Builder 2008
Arthur Lamb Builder 1960
Fernand Landry Builder 1990
John Leslie Builder 1960
Carol Anne Letheren Builder 2010
Peter Lougheed Builder 2010
George Machum Builder 1960
Kenneth McKenzie Builder 1976
James Merrick Builder 1960
John Powell Builder 1992
M. M. Robinson Builder 1960
Frank Shaughnessy Builder 1982
Walter Sieber Builder 2010
George Starke Builder 1960
Dr. R. Tait McKenzie Builder 2000
William J. Warren Builder 2008
Kenneth Yost Builder 1963


The following guidelines govern the selection of individuals to the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame:

  • Membership in the Hall of Fame is open to athletes/teams, coaches and builders (officials, administrators, and volunteers) who have served the cause of the Olympic Movement with distinction.
  • Nominees must have participated in sports, or contributed to the growth and development of sports, which were on the program of the Olympic or Pan American Games during their career. Nominees may come from either individual or team sports.
  • Athlete nominees must have achieved significant success in international competition over a five-year period, and be retired from international competition for a minimum of five years.
  • Team nominees must have achieved significant success in international competition and must be retired, as a team, from international competition for a minimum of five years. This condition does not apply to individual team members who may have continued competing individually or as members of other teams. Teams, for the purpose of these guidelines, are defined as three or more athletes competing together. The induction of teams applies only to the team collectively and not to its members individually.
  • Coach nominees must have achieved significant success in international competition over a period of five years or more and be retired from international competition.
  • Builder nominees may be active or inactive at the time of their nomination. Officials nominated as builders must have been internationally successful over a five-year period.
  • Nominees must have held Canadian citizenship or Canadian residency over the course of their careers.
  • Deceased athletes, coaches and builders are eligible for consideration.


  • An individual or organization may annually submit two nominations in each of the athlete/ team, coach, and builder categories.
  • Nominees will be considered for induction in the year nominated, and, if requested by the nominator, for up to two successive years thereafter.
  • In the event that a nominee is not selected for induction within the three-year period, the nomination will be declared inactive and may only be resubmitted after a period of four years has elapsed.
  • A maximum of five pages of supporting documentation may accompany each nomination.


  • A selection committee appointed by the Canadian Olympic Committee will evaluate nominees on the basis of the significance and scope of their achievements, their dedication to their sport, the consistency of their performance, and personal qualities that reflect the COC Values on and off the field of play.
  • A maximum of five nominees will be selected annually for induction into the Hall of Fame. There are no automatic inductions.
  • The selection committee, after review of the submitted nominations, may solicit additional nominations and support if they feel that that one of the following situations exists:
    1. there are no nominations for a particular category
    2. there are nominations that do not meet the general guidelines
    3. there are only nominations submitted for all categories from a limited number of sports.