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Canada Games: Investing in the journey

Canada Games: Investing in the journey

Remember when Sidney Crosby helped Team Nova Scotia to a sixth-place finish at the 2003 Canada Games tournament? Not likely. But who can forget his Olympic gold-medal winning goal in 2010?
This is the stuff of champions. And the Canada Games is a launching pad for some of the most incredible Olympic athletes this country has ever produced.

Today the Canadian Olympic Committee announced it will deliver a quarter of a million dollars in funding to the Sherbrooke 2013 Canada Games (beginning Aug. 7) and to three subsequent Canada Games.

Photos: The Canadian Press

Check out some of Canada’s most influential Olympic athletes to ever compete at the Canada Games:

  • Sidney Crosby – Ice Hockey – 2003 CWG 6th place, 2010 OWG gold medallist
  • Jenn Heil – Freestyle Skiing (Moguls) – 1999 CWG gold medallist, two-time OWG medallist
  • Chandra Crawford – Cross-Country Skiing – 2003 CWG gold medallist, 2006 OWG gold medallist
  • Hayley Wickenheiser – Ice Hockey – 1991 CWG gold medallist, four-time OWG medallist
  • Cassie Campbell – Ice Hockey – 1991 CWG 4th place, three-time OWG medallist
  • Jennifer Botterill – Ice Hockey – 1995 CWG gold medallist (ringette), four-time OWG medallist
  • Diedra Dionne – Freestyle Skiing (Aerials) – 1999 CWG silver medallist, 2002 OWG bronze medallist
  • Paul Kariya – Ice Hockey – 1991 CWG 10th place, two-time OWG medallist
  • Catriona Le May Doan – Long Track Speed Skating – 1983 CWG bronze medallist, two-time OWG gold medallist
  • Gaetan Boucher – Long Track Speed Skating – 1971 CWG, four-time OWG medallist
  • Lennox Lewis – Boxing – 1983 CSG gold medallist, 1988 OG gold medallist
  • Kristina Groves – Long Track Speed Skating – 1995 CWG gold and silver medallist, four-time OWG medallist

ED NOTE: (CWG = Canada Winter Games, OWG = Olympic Winter Games, OG=Olympic Games)

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