Canadian Olympians take on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Canadian Olympians take on the Ice Bucket Challenge

By Steve Boudreau

This summer, several Canadian Olympians decided to beat the heat in an unusual yet highly effective manner, all in the name of charity.

It’s all part of an ALS awareness campaign called the “Ice Bucket Challenge” that involves (you guessed it) drenching oneself in icy cold water.



Fun to watch?

You bet.


Tessa Virtue

#ALSIcebucketchallenge !! @HappyElishas @joannierochette #ScottMoir

A video posted by Tessa Virtue (@tessavirtue17) on

Joannie Rochette

#ALSicebucketchallenge @tessavirtue17 @KurtBrowning @SawyerMadHatter @ABilodeau_ski

A video posted by Joannie Rochette (@joannierochette) on

Scott Moir

#ALSIcebucketchallenge Challenge accepted @tessavirtue17 . Have fun boys @samueledney @jesslumsden .

A video posted by Scott Moir (@scottmoir14) on

Jesse Lumsden and Ben Coakwell

Denny Morrison, Gilmore Junio and Jamie Gregg

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje

Patrick Chan

Thank you @ka2sh & @apoje for #ALSicebucketchallenge nomination! I accepted your challenge & will donate!

A video posted by Patrick Chan (@pchan31) on

PK Subban

Sidney Crosby

Kaylyn Kyle

By Steve Boudreau

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