Cyclists keep medal party going

Maple Leaf party hats were on again at Canada Olympic House as Canadians celebrated Gillian Carleton, Tara Whitten and Jasmin Glaesser’s bronze medal win in Track Cycling team pursuit.

The three women did not hide their excitement to be celebrating with Canadians.

“We knew we had to give our everything going into that last race and I think we did,” said Jasmin Glaesser.

The squad credited family, friends, and fans back in Canada for giving them the encouragement they needed to win a medal after qualifying in fourth place.

“It was so amazing and motivating to receive all of the encouragement from back home,” said Glaesser. It helped us refocus and find that determination to do one better.”

The squad also thanked Canadian fans who watched the race at Canada Olympic House.

“I heard from some people who were at Canada Olympic House watching the race that it was such a vibrant atmosphere and everyone was so excited for us,” said Gillian Carleton. “As an athlete that’s really what you want to hear.”

By Kristina Velan