#OLife: take our 30-day Instagram photo challenge

Are you living the #OLife?

We can’t all be Olympians but we can certainly try to live each day to the fullest, and even during those day that present difficult challenges, it only takes a moment to capture the simple things that bring us joy.

Introducing #OLife

#OLife (or Olympic Life) is a community that embodies the Olympic spirit of leading an active, fun and healthy lifestyle. Olympians often tell us that it’s the little things they do on a daily basis that make a huge difference in achieving their goals.

This journey should also be fun, which is why we want to know more about the lifestyle of Team Canada fans on Instagram.

Take the #OLife challenge

As part of the #OLife community, we’re asking our fans (yes, you) to take up the challenge for 30 days.

To do so, simply do the following:

  1. Check out the #OLife daily challenge chart below (starts Saturday, June 21).
  2. Following the day’s theme, share a picture or video via Instagram of that day’s activity using the hashtag #OLife and tagging @CDNOlympicteam.
  3. Get creative.

#OLife InstaList

By taking the #Olife challenge you’ll not only be actively pursuing healthy living, but hopefully inspiring others to do so as well.

We will share some of our favourite posts with the community on a regular basis.

So what are you waiting for O-lifers? (trust us, it’s a word…)

On your marks, Set, Share!