Canada celebrates Thanksgiving

It’s the second Monday in October and for Canadians, that means Thanksgiving.

Whether or not you had a bountiful harvest – literal or metaphorical – over the last year, Thanksgiving provides one thing everyone can be thankful for if they’re lucky enough to have it: a long weekend in October.

Here are a few Canadians and Canada admirers sharing their Thanksgiving weekend on Twitter & Instagram.

First, the great actor William Shatner with a history lesson. 

On to a few Olympians.

Finally, few better than to give an admirer of Canada, chef Jamie Oliver, the last word on this holiday of food and fun. 

“Hey Canada, Happy Thanksgiving!!! We know how much this time of year matters to you guys over there in your amazing, massive and exciting country. I was out there a couple of weeks ago and had such a brilliant time and I can honestly say it was a blast and without doubt one of my favourite countries.”