Summer Olympic Sports

Cycling – Mountain Bike

There are four specialties of mountain bike, but only cross-country was added to the Olympic program at Atlanta 1996.

Cycling – Road

The current Olympic program includes a road race and an individual time trial for men and women. All are one-day…

Cycling – Track

There are six different track cycling events on the Olympic program, all of which have men’s and women’s events.


Olympic diving uses two types of boards: 3m springboard and 10m platform. There are individual and synchronized events for both…

Equestrian – Dressage

Sometimes described as horse ballet, dressage actually has its roots in the way Greeks prepared their horses for war more…

Equestrian – Eventing

Comprised of three forms of competition – dressage, cross-country, jumping – eventing is considered the supreme test of total horsemanship.

Winter Olympic Sports


There are five categories of Olympic snowboard events, each featuring athletes riding similar shaped boards. But while some of these…

Speed Skating – Long Track

Long track speed skating is considered the fastest human-powered sport in the sport, with skaters reaching speeds of more than…

Speed Skating – Short Track

Short track speed skating takes place on a 111.12m oval which is marked on an international-sized ice rink. The smaller…