Toby Ng


One of the veterans of the national team, Toby Ng made his Olympic debut at London 2012 where he and partner Grace Gao competed in mixed doubles but did not advance from the group stage. Ng and Gao had won mixed doubles gold at the 2011 Pan Am Games in Guadalajara. In 2014, Ng and partner Alex Bruce were eliminated in the quarterfinals of mixed doubles at the Commonwealth Games, his second appearance at the event. They went on to win gold at the 2014 Pan American Championships, defending their title from 2013. Ng has a career-high world ranking of 16th in mixed doubles.


Family: Parents Francis Ng and Clara Chalifour… Younger brother Derrick is also a member of the national badminton team… Getting into the Sport: Starting playing at age 6 as a recreational activity with his family… Outside Interests: Graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2014 (Bachelor of Kinesiology)… In the off-season works as a strength and conditioning coach focusing on health, fitness, nutrition, supplementation… Works as an USANA business associate… Odds and Ends: Inspired by Bruce Lee for his overall training philosophy and quotes… Favourite quotes: “Success is doing what you need to do, when you need to do it, whether you want to or not.” and “For those who kept saying it can’t be done / Never are the victories or the honors won / But, rather, by the believing, doing kind / While the doubters watched from far behind.” (Bruce Lee)… Before each match says to partner “Nothing to lose” and she replies “Everything to win”… Used to collect alcohol unique to the countries he visited but doesn’t really drink so now has too many bottles…  Nickname: Tobes, Tobidoki…

Olympic Highlights

Games Sport Event Finish
2012 LondonBadmintonDoubles - Mixed13

Notable International Results

OG: 2012 – 13th (mixed doubles)

BWF WCh: 2014 – Rd of 64 (mixed doubles); 2011 – Rd of 64 (mixed doubles); 2010 – Rd of 64 (mixed doubles); 2009 – Rd of 32 (doubles)

PAG: 2011 – GOLD (mixed doubles), Rd of 32 (singles)

PAC: 2014 – GOLD (mixed doubles); 2013 – GOLD (mixed doubles); 2010 – GOLD (mixed doubles); 2009 – GOLD (mixed doubles)

CWG: 2014 – Qtr-finals (mixed doubles), Rd of 32 (doubles); 2010 – Rd of 16 (mixed doubles)