Tristan Walker: Toughest guy in tights…on a toboggan

Tristan Walker: Toughest guy in tights…on a toboggan

By Georgia Sapounas

Olympian Tristan Walker made his Luge debut at Vancouver 2010 as one of the youngest members of the Canadian Olympic Team that year. At 22 years old, he continues his quest for Olympic podium success at Sochi 2014. Tristan’s sights are set high, much like his daily calorie intake and training threshold.  Follow along as he takes us through a day in his life.

8:30 AM

Good Morning and Happy Friday everyone! Today I’m doing “A Day in the Life” of an Olympic athlete.

9:19 AM

Starting off with breakfast, the first of my 5000-7000 calories for today.

10:14 AM

Some pre-warmup physio.

10:32 AM


10:36 AM

Jump series. Technical work coming up next!

10:55 AM

We use the speed skater’s treadmill at the Olympic oval for over-speed training.

11:11 AM

More technical work on the wheel sled.

11:22 AM

Into the gym now. This will not be the last one of these today…

12:01 PM

Power cleans.

12:21 PM

It’s hot in here today and I forgot shorts.

12:43 PM

I’m working on moving low weight fast this week.

1:02 PM

Last but not least, muscle ups and the gun show.

2:17 PM

Lunch, my second workout of the day consists of chocolate milk, ground turkey and tortellini.

3:12 PM

Afternoon jam session between training with teammate Mitchel Malyk.

4:21 PM

Back at WinSport Canada for my daily weigh in. I’m getting very close to my goal of 90kg.

4:38 PM

For reasons unknown, we call this the Blue Wonder. It’s neither blue, nor wonderful.

4:54 PM

The rest of the afternoon consists of recovery. Flexibility plays a huge role in a luge start.

5:19 PM

Here’s some special, end-of-the-week physio treatment, IMS needling.

5:31 PM

The last part of recovery for today includes being wrapped in ‘Norma’s’ sweet embrace.

6:34 PM

The never-ending quest to find a sponsor continues.

7:57 PM

Thanks for tuning in for a day in my life! And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date.

Follow Tristan Walker on his quest to Sochi 2014 on Twitter and Instagram.

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