Pamela Brind’Amour

Pamela Brind’Amour’s career highlight is qualifying for the national team in 2013-14 and making her debut at the FIE World…

Marissa Ponich

Marissa Ponich began competing internationally in 2012-13. Representing Canada wasn’t a goal she had at the beginning of her career,…

Gabriella Page

At 16 years old, Gabriella Page made her debut at the senior FIE World Championships in 2011 and also competed…

Eleanor Harvey

Eleanor Harvey is still just 20, but has a wealth of international experience, including six appearances at the FIE World…

Alexis Rudkovska

Alexis Rudkovska loves that fencing is a combination of endurance and explosive strength while also being mentally tough. She is…

Leonora Mackinnon

Leonora Mackinnon is a Canadian who was born and raised in England. Her major competition experience includes the 2010 European…

Malinka Hoppe

Malinka Hoppe is a relative newcomer to senior international competition after finishing 14th in individual épée and being part of…

Mark Peros

Mark Peros is a veteran of the Canadian fencing program, having made his senior international debut in 2003. He has…

Top Team Canada Fans

Al Redpath

Current Level


  • Total: 18165 points
  • Earned this week: 5208 points

Kerri McGregor

Current Level


  • Total: 15630 points
  • Earned this week: 3220 points

Benn Wood

Current Level


  • Total: 8788 points
  • Earned this week: 2260 points

Matthew Tully

Current Level


  • Total: 7350 points

Mary Manna

Current Level


  • Total: 6026 points
  • Earned this week: 1305 points

Beckie Santavy

Current Level


  • Total: 5669 points
  • Earned this week: 485 points
  • Next Level: Legend
  • Needed: 331 points

Clay Naslund

Current Level


  • Total: 4964 points
  • Earned this week: 1485 points
  • Next Level: Legend
  • Needed: 1036 points

Blair Munn

Current Level


  • Total: 4189 points
  • Earned this week: 75 points
  • Next Level: Gold
  • Needed: 61 points

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