Mark Peros

Mark Peros is a veteran of the Canadian fencing program, having made his senior international debut in 2003. He has…

Shaul Gordon

Shaul Gordon has represented Canada at four FIE World Junior Championships as well as two senior FIE World Championships, the…

Maximilien Van Haaster

Maximilien Van Haaster has always wanted to be a world-class athlete and represent Canada on the global stage. In 2011…

Eli Schenkel

Eli Schenkel has been competing internationally for Canada since 2013, which includes his first FIE World Championship appearance in 2014….

Jean Lelion

As a lieutenant in the Canadian Armed Forces, Jean Lelion won a bronze medal at the 2011 World Military Fencing…

Hugues Boisvert-Simard

A relative late-comer to fencing, Hugues Boisvert-Simard made his international debut for Canada in 2004, just four years after he…

Maxime Brinck-Croteau

Maxime Brinck-Croteau achieved a career highlight when he won a silver medal in the individual épée event at the 2015…

Sandra Sassine calls it a career  [VIDEO]

Top Team Canada Fans

Matthew Tully

Current Level


  • Total: 2557 points
  • Earned this week: 2557 points
  • Next Level: Silver
  • Needed: 443 points

Dirk Viemann

Current Level


  • Total: 1652 points
  • Earned this week: 1652 points
  • Next Level: Bronze
  • Needed: 348 points

Ryan Patterson

Current Level


  • Total: 1625 points
  • Earned this week: 1625 points
  • Next Level: Bronze
  • Needed: 375 points

Blair Munn

Current Level


  • Total: 1406 points
  • Earned this week: 1406 points
  • Next Level: Bronze
  • Needed: 594 points

Paula Allen-Chamberlain

Current Level


  • Total: 1359 points
  • Earned this week: 1359 points
  • Next Level: Bronze
  • Needed: 641 points

Dominic Tremblay

Current Level


  • Total: 1293 points
  • Earned this week: 1293 points
  • Next Level: Bronze
  • Needed: 707 points

Beckie Santavy

Current Level


  • Total: 1238 points
  • Earned this week: 1238 points
  • Next Level: All-Star
  • Needed: 12 points

Kerri McGregor

Current Level


  • Total: 1111 points
  • Earned this week: 1111 points
  • Next Level: All-Star
  • Needed: 139 points

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