Guests are cheering on Team Canada at Rio 2016 Canada Olympic House

Daylight saving time: 10 things to do with the extra hour

This weekend when the clock turns back an hour we’ll get an extra 60 minutes from Saturday to Sunday night. Why not use this time to dive into something Olympic-related?

…Because sleeping through this extra hour is obviously not an option.

Watch the best sport movies

Okay fine, this might take a little longer than just an hour, but our list of all-time sport movies is too amazing to miss out on a popcorn-filled evening. To help you decide what movie you want to watch, we made a several sport-specific movie lists. We have lists for hockeybaseball, golf, figure skating, and soccer.

Get ready to dominate your next party quiz

Be prepared for your next trivia night with the quizzes on all of our resource pages on Olympic sports. Now you know how to beat your know-it-all cousin at your next dinner party…

Discover Tokyo 2020

The next Olympic Games are in less than 300 days, so learn everything you need to know about Tokyo 2020 right here. And when we say everything, we mean everything: dates, competition venues, information on Japan, mascots, and more.

While you’re reading about the Olympics, you can also check out the page on the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games that’ll happen in January 2020.

…and stay up to date on the athletes who’ve already reserved their Olympic spot

Many Canadian athletes and teams have already clinched their Tokyo 2020 spot, like Jennifer Abel and the whole artistic swimming team. To stay up-to-date on Team Canada’s Olympic qualifications, head over to our Olympic qualification tracker.

Plan your next Canadian vacation

Have you already seen Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, and Montreal? We have new places for you to discover with our top 10 sites to visit in Canada. We promise you’ll be able to take in the beautiful nature around you as well as freshen up your Instagram game.

Become an Olympic tourist

Did you know that there are a bunch of Olympic-related activities to do all across the globe? The hardest part will be picking only one.

Some of our favourites: The Canadian Olympic Experience in Montreal, where you can get a ski lesson from Mikaël Kingsbury, and the WinSport Olympic Park in Calgary, where many of Team Canada’s athletes train (so you never know who you might run into there). 

Learn about the new sports coming to Tokyo 2020

Five sports will be introduced into the Olympic program at Tokyo 2020: karate, sport climbing, skateboarding, and surfing. Click on any of these sports to become true experts.

Here’s some good news: Sport climber Sean McColl has qualified for Tokyo already!

Organize an Olympic themed activity

Plan an Olympic event or an Olympic quiz in your backyard or basement. The Canadian Olympic School Program offers more than 100 (yes, that’s right) educational resources for young kids. Move the sofas to the side and let the games begin.

Catch up on the latest Team Canada news

Hold up. You didn’t know that Canadian figure skaters brought home three medals last weekend? And Markus Thormeyer broke a Canadian record?

Each week we release the latest Team Canada news in our weekend roundups. Check out the latest one right here.

Win Canadian Olympic Club points and participate in our contests!

Do you know about the Canadian Olympic Club? It’s our VIP club open to all fans! Once you register, you start winning points through our contests, and you can use these points to win special prizes.

Want to join? Here’s our list of tricks to help you win more points.