en Kish (Photo Photo of Jen Kish @Jen_Kish via Instagram)Photo: Jen Kish (@jen_kish via Instagram)
Photo: Jen Kish (@jen_kish via Instagram)

Team Canada celebrates Halloween in style

Halloween might look a little different this year, although that didn’t stop Team Canada athletes from pulling out all of the tricks, wigs and full costumes to celebrate.

Here are some of our favourites:

Tiger King 2.0

Short track speed skater, Charles Hamelin and his family did not hold back. We can’t help but feel a good ol’ throwback to the start of quarantine with this tribute. We will have to give these cool cats and kittens a 10/10. Round of applause for Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and their little lion and tiger cubs.

The Purge

Canadian snowboarder, Laurie Blouin, went a different route and decided to pull out The Purge mask for a good scare. This one definitely makes you stop in your tracks when you’re scrolling through your feed. Look at the detail on that mask?! The coveralls are also a great addition.

Ms. Frizzle learns to ski!

Ok, bus, do your stuff! Canadian biathlete, Sarah Beaudry had Team Canada reminiscing the days Ms. Frizzle taught us many science lessons with this magical costume of Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus!

Saturdays are for the boys girls

These costumes should give you a laugh! Kristen Bujnowski shared a series of photos inspired by Team Kripps. That’s right, a series. Next year, we think that Team Kripps should have a turn.

Ninja in-training

Sprinter, Micha Powell, turned in her training attire for a ninja costume. Fierce is definitely an understatement. We can only hope that she makes this a thing when training outdoors.

Diving in to save the day

Canadian diver, Caeli McKay, shared a photo in a Wonder Woman bathing suit. It is classic and practical, to say the least.

The Unrecognizable

Rio 2016 Olympian, Jen Kish had Team Canada questioning if it was really her with this spook-tackular costume! She sure pulled off a good scare with the intricate hair and makeup.

Why it’s greased lightning!

Jonelle Filigno Hopkins got her whole family involved for a rendition of Grease, complete with a mini T-Bird. Definitely a Team Canada approved costume.

The whole family to the rescue!

Celebrating her favourite day of the year, Helen Upperton and her family transformed into the Avengers. It seems that baby Iron Man and young Spider-man stole the show with their adorable costumes!

Colour your world

Canadian hurdler Sarah Wells added colour to the Team Canada costumes with these homemade crayon costumes. They are such a fun and practical costume to make for next year!

Thank you to everyone who shared their costumes with Team Canada this Halloween. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!