A man wearing a Team Canada baseball cap backwards looks out at the view of Tokyo Bay.Photo: Ariane Desrosiers
Photo: Ariane Desrosiers

A look inside the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village

Home is where the rings are!

Team Canada athletes have arrived in the athletes’ village of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Want to know what the Team Canada headquarters look like, where the rings are located and have a look at the ✨ cardboard beds ✨?

Look no further, we’re taking you on a tour.

Olympic Plaza

The first thing you see when you arrive at the Village located in the Harumi waterfront district after a long journey from Canada to Tokyo is the Olympic Plaza. Wood from larch, Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress were donated by 63 municipalities across the country.

  • Athletes walk between buildings in the Olympic Village with the buildings created with wood larch
  • Store front of the Tokyo 2020 official shop made of wood larch with the Tokyo logo on the front window

The Tokyo 2020 Official Store, a post office and a general store are amongst the shops and services offered at the Olympic Plaza.

The Village

Home of more than 11,000 athletes during the Games, the Village is where the athletes eat, sleep, train and relax between training and events.

  • The women's rugby seven's team pose in front of the Rings
  • Large fountain with Tokyo skyline in the background
  • The Remembrance Tree in a park overlooking Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge
  • Park by Toky oBay at night

Robust measures and protocols are in place to keep all participants safe and healthy during their stay in Tokyo.

  • Female with a backpack on reading safety protocol signs while sanitizing her hands
  • Red pair of sneakers standing on a social distance marker

All athletes can train in the Fitness Centre in the Olympic Village. However, Team Canada athletes have their gym to make sure they never miss a practice. That area is TOP SECRET as we don’t want the competition to see how Team Canada athletes are getting ready for their events. 🤫

Large brown and white building situated on the right ride of the street that is the site of the fitness centre for the 2020 Games
Tokyo 2020 Fitness Centre located in the heart of the Olympic Village.

Bringing the countries of the world together is one of the reasons that the Olympics are so special. Even though great rivalries happen at Games, the Flags Street reminds us of the true essence of the Olympic Games: that we are stronger together.

Dining Hall

Food is life. And the athletes in the Village have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to food. Between the Grab and Go counters, the Casual Dining Hall and the Main Dining Hall, the limit does not exist. Athletes are allowed to remove their masks when eating, drinking, training and competing.

  • Team Canada's Heather Bansley and Brandie Wilkerson in the Dining Hall
  • Cafeteria style food service booth in Olympic Village
  • Cafeteria style food service booth in Olympic Village
  • Tables and chairs set up in a dining hall with plexiglass dividers
  • Male and female athlete sitting at dining hall table with plexiglass divider between them
  • Row of recycling bins against a wall
  • A row of water fill stations for use with a personal water bottle

Residential Area

Athletes will be sporting their country’s colors during Games and so will their buildings. Check out some of Team Canada’s neighbours:

  • Apartment style multi-floor building with Team Brazil identifiers on the outside
  • Apartment style multi-floor building with Team Netherlands identifiers on the outside
  • Apartment style multi-floor building with Team Australia identifiers on the outside
  • Apartment style multi-floor building with Team Australia and Team Great Britain identifiers on the outside
  • Apartment style multi-floor building with Team Italy and Team Argentina identifiers on the outside

Team Canada Building

By the Tokyo Bay, near the Olympic rings, you’ll find Our Maison, the Team Canada headquarters for the Games.

  • Apartment style building for Team Canada athletes
  • Canadian print wrapped elevators in Team Canada building lobby
  • Hayley Daniels poses with the iconic Team Canada moose.

Athletes live in apartment style accommodations that they share with their teammates. The Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee furnishes each bedroom with a special Games blanket, AC units to beat the Tokyo heat, and the sustainable cardboard beds. Don’t believe the rumours, the bed frames are sturdy and Team Canada approved!

  • Male athlete sits on cardboard bed in his room in Team Canada building
  • Female athlete holding her Hudson Bay kit as she unpacks clothes into her closet

And look at the ✨views ✨. Some apartments overlook the Tokyo Bay, the Rainbow Bridge and the Olympic rings.

  • Female athlete checks out the view from her housing window out on the Tokyo scenery
  • male athlete look out on view of Tokyo from bedroom window in a high rise
  • Male and female athlete stand on balcony overlooking views of athlete's village

One of the amazing things about being a Team Canada athlete is the support from Canadians back home. In these unprecedented times, inspirational messages and Cheer cards from General Mills products are a reminder that the entire country is behind them.

  • Posters with Team Canada's common goal written on them and hung on the wall