Thought only humans cheered for Team Canada? Silly human

Views are that of the author, may not reflect those of the Canadian Olympic Committee.

There are a lot of emotions flying around in Canada during the Olympics…

A LOT of emotions. Time for a mandatory mid-Olympics breather, everybody. May I present Team Canada, animal edition.

Let’s start this off easy. Cute dog, Canada sweater, impeccable use of gloves.

“A good ol’ Canada-off, eh? Well, I’ll see your sweater & gloves and raise you a Hudson’s Bay blanket…”

That almost looks like a Team Canada pinnie, a garment more appropriate for the Summer Olympics…you know what? I’ll allow it! You are team Canada material, ridiculously cute dog.

You thought it was gonna be all dogs, didn’t you? Didn’t you?  Well, joke’s on you. This is a pig.

No, you can’t stay up late to watch curling. It is way past your bedtime!

“If you need an alternate for the figure skating event, team Canada, y’know, just…just let me know. I mean, I can help out. I’ll just leave my phone on here and, y’know, you can call anytime…”

Existential Dog: “What they chasing? What I chase? What mean to be dog? WHO AM?”

You might think that this jacked-up gorilla is all about hockey. Well, you’re wrong. He loves biathlon. Something about the endurance of cross-country skiing married with the precision of rifle shooting just speaks to him.

Canada is a multicultural nation. That means we encourage people from all over the world to cheer for team Canada. Especially when they are as exceptionally handsome as this German Shepherd.

This dog is clearly waiting for whatever treat he gets for wearing this hat. Like a true Olympian.

Not handling the stress of overtime well over here, guys.

Sure, we finally got women’s ski jumping into the Olympics but when will we get hamster ski jumping in, huh? WHEN?!

The pig is back! Tuckered out from playing outside. Come on, Pig, why you so cute?

Get down, Cat, you’re blocking the TV!  Pfft, just like Cat, doin’ whatever he wants.

This dog is a big fan of the hockey coaches. What?! He just finds adjusting lines and sparring with journalists thrilling, okay?

We are all of us this tired dog, worn out by cheering non-stop for team Canada. What’s that, Olympic athletes? Sorry, can’t hear you, too tired.

Try all you want, lady. This cat is cheering for Team Russia.

Whew, a bunch of pictures of adorable animals is exactly what the doctor ordered. Feeling more centred already…just in time to get ready for another week of GOOOOOO CANADAAAAAA! Tip: you should definitely kick it off by watching the free dance event Monday morning, starring Canada’s favourite dancers, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir.

Tessa Virtue Scott Moir