In our last installment of Training with Team Canada we focused on upper body, we’re moving south this week with lower body workouts.

Check out the strength of these athletes:

Hugo Houle – Cycling (Road)

Riding a bicycle all day will earn you some killer leg strength. Check out this move from road cyclist, Hugo.

Britt Crew – Athletics (Shot Put)

Britt Crew has that “new year, new me” attitude going, striving to make 2017 her most fit year yet.

Akeem Haynes – Athletics

Rio 2016 4x100m bronze medallist, Akeem, keeps the leg work and motivational quotes coming.

Natasha Wodak – Athletics

Natasha shows us how to get our glutes in gear.

Anicka Newell – Athletics (Pole Vault)

Feeling the burn yet?

Brady Leman – Ski Cross

Brady is always around to lift the team up when they’re feeling down… or when he outgrows the weight rack.

Shannon Rempel – Speed Skating

Started from the bottom, now she here.

Melissa Lotholz – Bobsleigh

The Rio 2016 flame ignited Melissa’s desire to get in top competition shape.