Group shot of athletes being welcomed in the village

Life in the village as a Lima 2019 Pan American Athlete

The Lima 2019 Pan American Games will take place from July 26 to August 11 in the capital of Peru. The athletes from 41 participating countries will settle for a few days in the Athletes’ Village, which will become their home during the competition!

Are you ready for a guided tour of a Pan Am athlete’s life?

Brand new apartments

The athletes’ apartments were built specifically for the Games. The seven towers are set in a welcoming semicircle and are decorated with graphic elements from the official Lima 2019 logo.

These apartments accommodate not only all sports teams (the 6700 athletes which will be competing in Peru), but also coaches, medical staff and employees of each of the national sports federations. Making it quite the crowd!

The tradition is that each country identifies its headquarters with flags and signs of all kinds, almost like a college frat! Team Canada does not go unnoticed, with its ‘campfire’ space where you can sit on red and white camping chairs and chat with fellow athletes.

The best roomies

The apartments can accommodate up to five athletes each. The beds are covered with cheerfully coloured comforters that will help the athletes forget about the gray and cool winter weather in Lima – renamed the #Lima2019WinterGames by Team Canada’s surfing squad.

Athletes have ample free space on the walls to personalize them with Canadian flags (obviously), pictures of their family and friends or Christmas lights that match the comforters, why not right?

The Team Canada Kit

Receiving the Team Canada official kit is always an emotional moment for athletes. Often times, it is the moment that they realize how far they have made it in their athletic career!

The team responsible for kits management is well on track after all these years, and the operation of filling and distributing more than 500 suitcases has become very efficient. The athletes are sure to be 100% stylish during the Games!

Meet, celebrate, play

The Team Canada apartments towers has several common areas where athletes from all disciplines can relax, chat, drink their protein smoothie or even play video games to practice their e-sports skills.

Elsewhere in the village, members of all the invited countries have access to a variety of entertainment rooms, where they can measure their skills in pool, ping-pong, foosball and even chess.

Of course, athletes must also train from time to time! The village has many training places (pool, gym, etc.) so that everyone can compete at their best on the Pan American field, track or mat. These areas are top secret and that’s why we can’t show them to you.

Sports gastronomy

Can you imagine having to serve thousands of people with very special needs, three or more times a day, for over three weeks?

This is the almost impossible mission of the food service in the Athletes Village. The Dinning Hall has a variety of themed stations to please every appetite, and a wide range of healthy options available all day long.

You can also discover some Peruvian specialties on the menu!

International Plaza

This is where athletes from all countries can celebrate the raising of their countries flags. At the Flag Raising Ceremony athletes come for a walk or to simply to hang out during their free time. 

The flags of all participating countries are hanged in a unifying spirit, and and during the ceremony you can also find snacks, drinks and the Lima mascot, Milco (a must when at Lima 2019).