Brad Jacobs beats John Morris for Olympic nomination

The Brad Jacobs‘ rink officially put their names on the nomination sheet for Sochi, with a 7-4 victory over John Morris on Sunday.

Jacobs along with Ryan Fry, E.J. Harnden and Ryan Harnden remained unbeaten this week in Winnipeg.

“This is the best we’ve ever curled for so many games in a row at a huge event. I think as we got rolling and comfortable with the ice the confidence grew and grew.” said Jacobs post-game.

The scoring started in the first end with Jacobs going up 2-0 attributed in part to an early miss by Morris second Tyrel Griffith.

With a packed building the ice was running fast, and dished slightly, which caused more trouble for Morris’ team.

After a blank in the fourth Jacobs placed as many as five rocks in scoring position in the fifth end, but didn’t get the right curls on his final two stones opening the door for Morris to place two in the eight and tie the game.

Plenty of action in the house again in the sixth end and it was Jacobs with the deuce, although three points would certainly have been helpful.

Following a scoreless seventh end Morris needed to make full use of owning the hammer; needing a double, then force followed by a double to win.

He didn’t get it.

In place of the simple force in the ninth and leading 5-4, Jacobs stuck a double with his final stone to make it 7-4.

The Canadian Curling Association has now nominated both their teams for Sochi. Brad Jacobs joins Jennifer Jones who qualified on Saturday.