Brooklyn Moors of Canada competes in the during artistic gymnasticsPhoto: Christopher Morris/COC
Photo: Christopher Morris/COC

Which Tokyo 2020 sport you should watch based on your zodiac sign?

Astrology is all the rage right now. Whether you’re a believer or not, you can’t help but check if your crush’s sun sign matches yours or if the way you’re reacting to certain situations is being influenced by your rising sign.

As we gear up for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, here are the sports you should watch based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21—April 20)

The first sign of the zodiac is adventurous, courageous, confident and quick-witted. All of that energy concentrated in one person also means that Aries can be quick-tempered, impatient and daredevil at times (Hey—we all have flaws).

Aries are trailblazers, this is why we think the fiery rams would get the kick out of mountain bike and BMX racing at Tokyo 2020.

Taurus (April 21—May 21)

Patient, reliable, persistent and determined, Taurus is the anchor of the zodiac. It comes with no surprise that this security loving sign is amongst the hardest working ones.

Tom Ramshaw sailing

Tom Ramshaw, of Canada, competes in the Finn class during the 2019 Hempel World Cup Series Miami sailing event, Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019, in Miami. The regatta features Olympic class competition for sailors campaigning for the next Olympic games in 2020. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Taurus will truly appreciate the work the sailors put into their performances at Tokyo 2020. Tauruses’ patience has no limit, no competition delays due to winds or sea conditions will knock their enthusiasm down.

Gemini (May 22—June 21)

Gemini is known as the chameleon of the zodiac thanks to its adaptability and expert communication skills. This is why Geminis strive in group settings with their youthful and lively vibe.

Canada celebrates after scoring a goal

Team Canada celebrates after scoring a goal (Phot credit: Canada Soccer)

Geminis are definitely team sports fans, and we think they would blend perfectly with the passionate soccer fan community at a sports café or in the stands during the Tokyo Olympics.

Cancer (June 22—July 22)

Cancers are emotional, loving and imaginative. If you become friends with a cancer, you are friends for life. That strong bond cancers have and the fact that this sign is ruled by the moon makes us think of one sport and one sport only.

Claudia Holzner and Jacqueline Simoneau swim their duet in Lima

LIMA, Peru – Claudia Holzner and Jacqueline Simoneau of Canada compete in artistic swimming duets at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games on July 31, 2019. Photo by Christopher Morris/COC

The moon is strongly connected to the water just like artistic swimmers are (duh). This “we’re in it together” and “never give up” mentality resonates with both cancers and artistic swimmers. Cancers, be ready to be emotionally moved by Team Canada water wizards at Tokyo 2020.

Leo (July 23—Aug 21)

The other artists of the zodiac are spotlight lovers Leos. Warm-hearted, creative and enthusiastic, Leos can be bossy at times and you can’t tell them what to.

Ellie Black sticks the landing

LIMA, Peru – Ellie Black of Canada competes in vault during artistic gymnastics at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games on July 30, 2019. Photo by Vincent Ethier/COC

That burning fire fuelling Leos can also be found on the mats of artistic gymnastics events, making them one of the most exciting and popular events at the Olympic Games.

Virgo (Aug 22—Sep 23)

The sixth sign of the zodiac is practical, analytical, and detail-oriented. Virgos expect nothing less than perfection for themselves (don’t be too harsh on yourselves Virgos, you’re awesome!).

That perfectionist side is also found in table tennis and badminton players who need to make quick and laser-sharp actions to win their way to the Olympic podium.

Libra (Sept 24—Oct 23)

This air sign is very connected to its element as Libras are often daydreaming and known for being “up in the clouds”. Romantic, easygoing and sociable, Libras like to live a life that looks good and feels good.

Libra fans will undoubtedly enjoy watching for the first time at the Olympic Games the surfing and skateboarding events because the competitions will be soooo chill and cool.

Scorpio (Oct 24—Nov 22)

Scorpios are intimidated. That’s a known fact. Determined and passionate, Scorpios love a good debate and they will never back down or admit they’re wrong #SorryNotSorry.

Scorpios, try to stay cool as you binge-watch all these combat sports events at Tokyo 2020: fencing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo and newcomer karate.

Sagittarius (Nov 23—Dec 22)

Optimistic and freedom-loving, Sagittarius like to go off the beaten path. Staying true to themselves is something that Sagittarius value a lot which is why they are born adventurer and like the solo travel life.

Where they’re going, they don’t need roads that’s why we think they’ll enjoy and be inspired by the introduction of sports climbing at Tokyo 2020. Sagittarius will also appreciate equestrian events because of their love for nature and the fact that they actually are half-man, half-horse.

Capricorn (Dec 23—Jan 20)

Ambitious and disciplined Capricorn are fully in control of their destiny and are natural rule followers. The grind is real with this earth sign because #NoPainNoGain.

Multisport events such as athletics’ decathlon and heptathlon, modern pentathlon and triathlon were invented for Capricorns. OK, maybe not, but Caps will appreciate the dedication, focus and resilience of Team Canada’s multi-event athletes at Games.

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19)

Intellectual Aquarius doesn’t really do feelings, but they do believe in camaraderie and loyalty in their social interactions.

Team Canada’s women’s pair of Hillary Janssens and Calleigh Filmer race to silver at the World Rowing Cup III in Lucerne, Switzerland on July 15, 2018.

Aquarius see themselves as just one link in an endless human chain. Not an endless human chain but still very much a human chain-like sport, rowing events at Tokyo 2020 will catch the interest of Aquarius fans.

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20)

Sensitive, compassionate, and selfless, Pisces do live by the motto “there’s no I in t-e-a-m”. They trust nothing more than their gut feeling and get along well in small groups of people … 7 to be precise. ;)

Bianca Farella avoiding a tackle during the Rio 2016 bronze medal match aginst Great Britain on August 8, 2016. (photo/Stephen Hosier)

This is why we think rugby will be their calling at Tokyo 2020.

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