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Speed Skating – Long Track

The Canadian Long Track Speed Skating Team

Speed skating is one of Canada’s most successful sports at the Winter Games.

Since the sport made its debut at the 1932 Winter Olympics, Canada has earned a total of 33 speed skating medals.

Check out the Sochi 2014 Canadian Long Track Speed Skating Team

Skaters such as Olympic medallists Cindy Klassen, Clara Hughes, Gaétan Boucher and Denny Morrison propelled the sport’s popularity and secured Canada’s spot as one of the top speed skating nations.

When the Long Track Speed Skating Team returns to the Olympic ice at Sochi’s Adler Arena, Canada’s men will be defending their gold medal in team pursuit.

Take a look at where Canada’s Sochi 2014 Long Track Speed Skating athletes call home


1,000m - Men and Women

The 1000m takes two and one-half laps of the 400m oval. The pairings begin with a staggered start.

1,500m - Men and Women

The 1500m takes three and three-quarter laps of the 400m oval. The pairings begin with a staggered start.

10,000m - Men

The 10,000m takes 25 laps of the 400m oval. The pairings begin with a side-by-side start.

3,000m - Women

The 3000m takes seven and one-half laps of the 400m oval. The pairings begin with a staggered start.

5,000m - Men and Women

The 5000m takes 12 and one-half laps of the 400m oval. The pairings begin with a staggered start.

500m - Men and Women

The 500m is the only long track speed skating event in which the final results are determined by combining the times of two races. This practice began at the inaugural World Single Distances Championships in 1996 and was first used at the Olympic Winter Games in 1998. Skating the 500m twice negates the small but significant advantage to finishing in the outer lane because it is tough to negotiate the last curve at high speed in the inner lane. The 500m takes one and one-quarter laps of the 400m oval. The pairings begin with a side-by-side start.

Team Pursuit - Men and Women

The men’s event covers eight laps of the oval while the ladies' event covers six laps. Two teams of three skaters begin simultaneously on opposite sides of the oval. Team members take turns leading with the other skaters following closely behind to take advantage of drafting. The team completes the race when all three members have crossed the finish line. The competition is drawn up as a single elimination bracket, starting with the quarterfinals for the eight teams entered. Quarterfinal winners advance to the semifinals. Semifinal winners advance to compete for gold and silver while the semifinal losers compete for bronze.

Canadian Medallists







GoldGaétan BoucherSarajevo 1984Men's 1,000m -
GoldGaétan BoucherSarajevo 1984Men's 1,500m -
GoldCatriona Le May DoanNagano 1998Ladies' 500m -
GoldCatriona Le May DoanSalt Lake City 2002Ladies' 500m -
GoldCindy KlassenTurin 2006Ladies' 1,500m -
GoldClara HughesTurin 2006Ladies' 5,000m -
GoldChristine NesbittVancouver 2010Ladies' 1,000m -
GoldDenny Morrison, Lucas Makowsky, Mathieu GirouxVancouver 2010Men's Team Pursuit -
SilverAlexander HurdLake Placid 1932Men's 1,500m -
SilverCathy PriestnerInnsbruck 1976Ladies' 500m -
SilverGaétan BoucherLake Placid 1980Men's 1,000m -
SilverSusan AuchLillehammer 1994Ladies' 500m -
SilverSusan AuchNagano 1998Ladies' 500m -
SilverJeremy WotherspoonNagano 1998Men's 500m -
SilverCindy KlassenTurin 2006Ladies' 1,000m -
SilverKristina GrovesTurin 2006Ladies' 1,500m -
SilverArne Dankers, Steven Elm, Denny Morrison, Jason Parker, Justin WarsylewiczTurin 2006Men's Team Pursuit -
SilverKristina Groves, Clara Hughes, Cindy Klassen, Christine Nesbitt, Shannon RempelTurin 2006Ladies' Team Pursuit -
SilverKristina GrovesVancouver 2010Ladies' 1,500m -
BronzeAlexander HurdLake Placid 1932Men's 500m -
BronzeWilliam LoganLake Placid 1932Men's 1,000m -
BronzeWilliam LoganLake Placid 1932Men's 5,000m -
BronzeFrank StackLake Placid 1932Men's 10,000m -
BronzeGordon AudleyOslo 1952Men's 500m -
BronzeGaétan BoucherSarajevo 1984Men's 500m -
BronzeKevin Overland (Crockett)Nagano 1998Men's 500m -
BronzeCatriona Le May DoanNagano 1998Ladies' 1,000m -
BronzeCindy KlassenSalt Lake City 2002Ladies' 3,000m -
BronzeClara HughesSalt Lake City 2002Ladies 5,000m -
BronzeCindy KlassenTurin 2006Ladies' 3,000m -
BronzeCindy KlassenTurin 2006Ladies' 5,00m -
BronzeKristina GrovesVancouver 2010Ladies' 3,000m -
BronzeClara HughesVancouver 2010Ladies' 5,000m -
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