With qualification for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games well underway, this page will help you keep track of the sports and events in which Canadian athletes will compete.

Please note that only Olympic quota spots which have been officially confirmed by the respective international federations will be included in the list below. Athlete names will be added as they are officially nominated to those quota spots.


Event Gender Entries Athletes
TBD Men 4 5
TBD Women 4 5



Event Gender Entries Athletes
Women Women 1 Rachel Homan, Emma Miskew, Joanne Courtney, Lisa Weagle
Men Men 1 Kevin Koe, Marc Kennedy, Brent Laing, Ben Hebert
Mixed Doubles Mixed 1 2


Figure Skating

Event Gender Entries Athletes
Singles Men 2 2
Singles Women 3 3
Pairs Mixed 3 6
Ice Dance Mixed 3 6
Team Mixed 1 TBD


Ice Hockey

Event Gender Entries Athletes
Men Men 1 25
Women Women 1 23


Short Track Speed Skating

Event Gender Entries Athletes
500m Men 2 TBD
1000m Men 3 TBD
1500m Men 3 TBD
5000m Relay Men 1 Charle Cournoyer, Pascal Dion, Samuel Girard, Charles Hamelin, François Hamelin
500m Women 3 TBD
1000m Women 3 TBD
1500m Women 3 TBD
3000m Relay Women 1 Kasandra Bradette, Kim Boutin, Jamie Macdonald, Valérie Maltais, Marianne St-Gelais